Senior Phase: Parents’ Information Evening

Tuesday 2 February 2016, 7.00pm in the ‘Street’ 

The above evening is designed to give parents of pupils currently in S3, S4 and S5 an overview of the Senior Phase curriculum (for pupils in S4-S6), hear about our option choice processes, receive information on the role of Skills Development Scotland (Careers) personnel in supporting pupils and to have the opportunity to meet with departmental staff about the various courses on offer.

The evening is held in our ‘Street’ – the central part of our school – and will commence at 7.00pm.  After a short presentation from senior staff, there will be the opportunity to meet with staff from Departments, our Pupil Support Team and the Senior Management Team.

Pupils in S3 and S4/5 will be issued with parental letters about this evening next week.  A copy of the letter can be found below.

Senior Phase Information Evening Parents’ Letter January 2016

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