‘Choosing’ at S1 and S2

Curriculum for Excellence: ‘Choosing’ at S1 and S2

 In order to promote personalisation and choice in their learning, pupils in S1 and S2 have the opportunity to make specific ‘Choosing’ options as they reach the end of both sessions.  This enables them to make decisions about the study of courses in specific Curricular Areas which, it is hoped, increases their motivation and commitment to their learning.

While such ‘choosing’ options extend pupils’ responsibility for their learning, our model of ‘choosing’ ensures that all pupils continue to study within each of the 8 Curricular Areas within Curriculum for Excellence until the end of S3.  This is in line with the national guidelines for Curriculum for Excellence.

‘Choosing’ Options at S1:

At the end of S1, young people choose two subjects from both Expressive Arts and Science, in addition to an on-going Core Science experience, to enable personalisation and choice and deeper learning in these areas. Learners continue to build on prior learning in all curriculum areas to receive their entitlements within the broad general education and there is continuity in Core English, Mathematics, PSE, PE, RME and Social Studies with a continuation of the rotation. Young people continue their entitlement to Modern Foreign Language and experience tasters in a second language other than core French. In Technologies, young people experience specialised learning within Administration and Business contexts, Computing Science, Design Manufacture, Graphic Communication and Home Economics.

‘Choosing’ Options at S2:

At the end of S2, young people will continue core experiences of English and Mathematics according to their level of learning, as well as PE, PSE, and RME. Additional learning time is provided for an enhanced focus on literacy, numeracy and Career Education. Challenge, depth of learning and specialisation takes place at this stage as learners select one option from Social Studies, Expressive Arts, Scientific Studies, Language and Technologies, in addition to one Free Choice from any curriculum area.

Our curriculum is planned to allow young people to consolidate prior learning and to work across the third level within curriculum areas until S2, and progress to fourth level in S3 where learners are ready to do this, supporting progress to the senior phase.

S2 Option Choice Booklet

S3 Option Form 2019