S5: Mentoring of 5 Higher students

The 5 Higher Mentoring Programme

Why mentoring?

Taking 5 Highers is a challenge for anyone and for this reason we have designed a programme that will provide students with structured support. Over the course of this session students will receive help to enable them to manage their learning, identify areas of concern and develop strategies and techniques to help them improve.

What is mentoring?

At the beginning of the session students were assigned a mentor; a Faculty Head, a Principal Teacher or a teacher who has volunteered to work as a mentor. The programme includes a series of meetings (formal and informal) in which students will lead the discussion of their own progress and talk through possible strategies to ensure they continue towards achieving their 5 Highers. Mentors will question and challenge students, seeking to provide them with guidance and encouragement.

“Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.”

Eric Parsloe, The Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring

Meetings with the mentor

This may vary from student to student but the programme provides for at least 6 meetings scheduled at key times throughout the session with outcomes to be recorded in the student’s booklet. Students know that they can approach their mentor at any time to discuss any issues that they have and arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.

Using the record book

Each student has their own record book for taking notes this will help them to analyse what they are doing well and what they need to work on to help them achieve their goal of 5 Highers. The booklet also gives an outline of the mentoring programme, breaking the year up into shorter sections and focusing on particularly relevant points for each time phase.

What’s new this year?

After discussion and feedback from mentors and students of the previous year there have been a number of additional aspects introduced for the new session 2015-16.

These include;

  • Contact with home – which allows parents/carers to be aware of the importance of this programme and discuss it with Gillian Pollock (DHT).
  • Parental comment/signature box – which allows parents/carers to be involved in the process and give their feedback each step of the journey.
  • Post analysis of prelims – which allows students to analyse their marks/grades and identify where they went wrong in order to revise and improve for the final exam.
  • Booklet inspection – which allows us to review the programme and evaluate if students are engaging with the process beneficially.

Thank you to all who are involved in the programme this year. As we engage with higher students throughout the course of this session we hope they will benefit from the process and use the support in place in order to maximise and achieve their full potential.


“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”

Robert Collie


Schedule of Meetings 2015-16

Date Activity
w/c Mon 28th September 2015  

Miss Pollock / Mr Thompson meet with 5 H students & explain the mentoring programme·         Pupils complete pages 5-8 of this booklet(prior attainment / target grade / areas of strength / development needs)

·        Students & mentors informed of groups

w/c   Mon 5th October 2015 Meeting 1 with mentor·         Discuss self-evaluation table to identify action points·         Record of meeting 1 completed
w/c   Mon 2nd November 2015 Meeting 2 with mentor·         Progress on action points from meeting 1·         Record of meeting 2 completedMentor emails Miss Pollock with an update on progress.
Thursday 12th November 2015 ·        Careers Convention
Thursday 26th November 2015 Parents’ Evening (1) 
Friday 27th November 2015 Tracking report issued 
Thursday 3rd December 2015 Parents’ Evening (2) 
w/c Mon 7th December 2015 Meeting 3 with mentor·         Discussion of tracking report, review of parents’ evening, revision plan for Prelims·         Record of meeting 3 completed
Wed 23rd December 2015 – Monday 4th January 2016 Christmas Holidays
Mon 18th – Mon 25th January 2016 Prelims
w/c Mon 8th February 2016 Meeting 4 with mentor·         Review of prelims, learning points for preparation for SQA exams·         Record of meeting 4 completed
Friday 4th March 2016 Full report issued
w/c Mon 7thth March 2016 Meeting 5 with mentor·         Discussion of full report·         Record of meeting 5 completedMentor emails Miss Pollock with update on progress.
Friday 1st April – Monday 18th April 2016 Spring break
w/c Mon 18th April 2016 Meeting 6 with mentor·         Revision plans in place, Exam timetable etc.·         Record of meeting 6 completed
·         Final “touch base”.
29th April 2016 SQA exams begin