Pupil Support

Pupil Support in Lanark Grammar School is delivered by a specialist team of staff: Principal Teachers Pupil Support and Principal Teachers Additional Support Needs.  Principal Teachers Pupil Support are  led by Mr Munogee, Depute Head Teacher and Principal Teachers ASN are led by Mrs Brown, Depute Head Teacher ASN.  They deliver support to pupils and families in a coherent and structured fashion working closely together to maximise quality of provision.

Pupils are organised into 6 House groups.  Each House and group of pupils has a dedicated Principal Teacher Pupil Support/ASN who is responsible for all aspects of their progress through school.  This includes: monitoring attainment, attendance, relationships, as well as supporting each child’s health and wellbeing.  The school encourages all parents or carers to work in partnership with their child’s Principal Teacher Pupil Support/ASN.

With our increasing school roll, we have been able to appoint an additional Principal Teacher Pupil Support.  Mr Campbell started this post at the start of session 2018-2019 and, following  consultation across our school community, Clyde House has been established.

Our six Houses are:

Braxfield : Mrs Y Watson; Clyde: Mr A Campbell; Hyndford : Mr J Thompson
Jerviswood : Mr C Goldie; Lockhart : Mrs A Ewing; and Wallace : Miss R Jack

Our pupils within Additional Support Needs provision are supported by the following promoted members of staff.

ASN (Enhanced Support S1-S6): Mrs L Gordon
ASN pupils with Autistic Spectrum Condition: Mrs K Bennett and Mrs P Kerr
ASN (Fully Supported): Mrs A Miller and Ms G Williams