Supporting Learning at Home

The following links and information are provided to help any pupil studying at home. More subject specific advice can be found within the Faculty pages.

One of the main sources of home support is Google Classroom. This is an online classroom where teachers can post resources and offer online support to our pupils. Pupils have GLOW logins and can access google classroom from the Glow Portal. Mr Campbell has put together a couple of guides to help you with this.

How to access Google Classroom from a Laptop or PC

How to access Google Classroom from the app via a smartphone or tablet

In addition to the detailed subject specific support there are a number of useful websites that pupils can use to support their learning at home. Links to these are shown below;

Supporting Learning in the Broad General Education (S1-S3)

Primary Resources:

Doorway Online:

BBC Schools Website:

Top Marks:

Brain Pop: (requires sign-in)

BBC Bitesize:

Supporting Learning in the Senior Phase (S4-S6)

Nationals in a nutshell:


Pastoral Care

Finally, whilst we want our young people to thrive academically, we understand that in order to do so they must firstly have good mental health and well-being. Our Pupil Support team at Lanark Grammar continually provide this support in school and their page offers a range of resources to help with this whilst at home.