chinese film industry vs bollywood

Thank you for your feedback. Coface helps companies in their credit decisions. Shares in Keystone XL oil pipeline owner TC Energy fell on Monday after reports U.S. President-elect Joe Biden will cancel a permit for the long-delayed project, a blow to the Canadian energy sector and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Passengers 2020 % change 2020/2019 Dec. 2020 % change 2020/2019 Paris-CDG 22,257,469 -70.8% 1,136,575 -80.4% Paris-Orly 10,797,105 -66.1% 834,746 -63.9% Total Paris Aéroport 33,054,574 -69.4% 1,971,321 -75.7% Santiago de Chile 8,514,340 -65.4% 687,903 -67.6% Amman 2,049,770 -77.0% 133,910 -79.7% New Delhi 28,500,545 -58.4% 2,906,936 -53.9% Hyderabad 9,537,574 -57.1% 1,109,617 -46.1% Cebu 2,741,243 -78.3% 62,444 -94.7% Total GMR Airports 40,779,362 -60.6% 4,078,997 -57.3% Antalya 9,771,628 -72.6% 260,955 -70.2% Ankara 5,056,451 -63.2% 293,123 -70.0% Izmir 5,459,358 -55.8% 296,263 -65.1% Bodrum 1,493,455 -65.6% 35,281 -57.0% Gazipaşa Alanya 274,434 -74.7% 17,314 -42.3% Medina 2,247,905 -73.2% 103,868 -86.2% Tunisia 335,115 -89.0% 18,512 -69.3% Georgia 640,611 -85.1% 18,596 -92.5% North Macedonia 782 ,876 -70.8% 49,890 -74.7% Zagreb(5) 924,823 -73.1% 41,498 -82.0% Total TAV Airports (excluding Istanbul Atatürk)(6) 26,986,656 -69.7% 1,135,300 -73.6% Total TAV Airports 26,986,656 -74.3% 1,135,300 -73.6% Aircraft Movements 2020 % change 2020/2019 Dec. 2020 % change 2020/2019 Paris-CDG 212,309 -57.4% 13,158 -65.7% Paris-Orly 83,024 -62.0% 6,219 -60.8% Total Paris Aéroport 295,333 -58.8% 19,377 -64.3% Santiago de Chile 62,686 -60.1% 5,943 -56.5% Amman 24,218 -69.6% 1,985 -67.6% New Delhi 218,000 -50.6% 23,648 -40.3% Hyderabad 92,678 -49.5% 10,316 -39.2% Cebu 26,541 -74.9% 914 -90.5% Total GMR Airports 337,219 -53.9% 34,878 -47.3% Antalya 62,157 -68.5% 2,369 -60.0% Ankara 39,771 -55.9% 2,714 -58.1% Izmir 40,497 -47.1% 2,472 -54.9% Bodrum 10,555 -61.6% 305 -43.3% Gazipaşa Alanya 2,286 -67.9% 170 -34.1% Medina 18,450 -69.6% 1,243 -75.3% Tunisia 3,466 -81.7% 225 -55.6% Georgia 12,062 -71.4% 786 -69.0% North Macedonia 9,028 -58.6% 659 -58.4% Zagreb(5) 21,510 -52.3% 1,392 -58.5% Total TAV Airports (excl. Passenger traffic at TAV Airports, 46.4%-owned by Groupe ADP, decreased by 73.6% in December 2020. (We never post to your social media without your permission). The offer, for new securities that don’t have a payment over the next two years, could impose net present value losses approaching 20% on some of the bonds, according to estimates.“The Committee urges YPF to direct its efforts to improving the consideration offered in exchange for the Old 2021 Notes,” Solomon Noh, an attorney at Dechert, wrote in a letter to YPF seen by Bloomberg. China has become an increasingly important region for global producers looking to pump up their box office returns, and is on track to eventually overtake the US in the film market despite a quota on imported films and strict censorship, according to Reuters. For more information on the event and to donate please visit Contact:Lisa McCannThe Event 403-589-9518 A photo accompanying this announcement is available at The result is obtained in 10 minutes. At the end of the day, it needs to be legit and fun. In addition, Eurobio Scientific, its shareholders and its affiliates, directors, officers, counsels and employees have not verified the accuracy of, and make no representations or warranties about, statistical information or forecast information contained within this news release and that originates or is derived from third party sources or industry publications; these statistical data and forecast information are only used in this press release for information purposes. Lesquin, 18 January 2021 – NACON and creā-ture Studios are pleased to announce that they are joining forces for the publishing and distribution of the game Session: Skateboarding Sim Game, a new skateboarding simulation, currently available in early access. Here’s the break-down of each country’s revenue: In the US, the film industry means business. Gripen Fighter Jets For India In Jeopardy As SAAB Struggles With Production Snags Chris Fenton, the former president of DMG Entertainment who has produced 21 films during […] The world has become a magnificent mosaic of plurality and socio-cultural richness. To Get Your Personalised Solutions, Talk To Astrologer Now! The Asian film industry is on track to becoming the largest feature film production market globally. Wendel is listed on Eurolist by Euronext Paris. Vaping policy must respect the rights of all citizens as the lives of adult smokers quite literally depend on it. The CVA will continue to provide regulators with the science, which is clear, flavours are the driver for adoption and the key to cessation success. Stocks To Buy - Why Is This Metal Taking Off? Registered in the Bobigny Trade and Company Register under no. By bringing together its 9 development studios, the publishing of AA video games, the design and distribution of premium gaming devices, NACON focuses 20 years of expertise at the service of players. Skip these foods to avoid the symptoms and flare-ups of psoriatic arthritis. Prior to joining Wendel, she worked at MidOcean Partners, a middle market private equity firm. Group traffic @100% does not take into account the traffic of Istanbul Atatürk Airport in 2019. It markets a large catalog of pharmaceutical and derivative products intended for French pharmacists. With a third village being planned for Kingston Ontario, there are several opportunities to honour our fallen and Homes For Heroes encourages all who are interested to submit through the H4HF website today The committee added that it holds 40% of the notes that mature from 2021 to 2024, and “well over 50%” of the bonds due 2025.FX DifficultiesYPF, unable to get the central bank to sell it the dollars it needs to make near-term debt payments and seeking to boost investment to reverse years of production declines, offered three new bonds that won’t pay interest until 2023 in exchange for seven securities.Neither group plans on accepting the offer and their main focus, for now, is working on an amended deal with the company, the people said. As a society, we often wrongfully look at addiction as the result of one’s own actions. As a result, vape shop owner Bill McEachern has launched a constitutional challenge, that will be heard on January 25th. To be compliant with TAV Airports presentations, Zagreb Airport traffic figures are integrated into the TAV Airports group traffic figure.6 See press release of 8 April 2019. She received a B.B.A. PhD who called Dotcom Crash and housing boom just predicted the biggest financial shift in 20 years. DateRepurchased sharesAverage priceRepurchased valueJanuary 11, 202110,000€ 192.90€ 1,929,000January 12, 2021---January 13, 2021---January 14, 2021---January 15, 20214,000€ 209.74€ 838,973Total14,000€ 197.71€ 2,767,973 These repurchases were made as part of the €100 million share buyback program announced on June 2, 2020. +33(1) 53 65 68 68 Disclaimer This press release contains non-factual elements, including, but not limited to, certain statements regarding future results and other future events. The Group invests in Europe, North America and Africa in companies which are leaders in their field, such as Bureau Veritas, Cromology, Stahl, IHS, Constantia Flexibles and Crisis Prevention Institute. The Team, Mamata Banerjee Horoscope & Future Predictions for West Bengal Elections. Vital new satellite capacity will be delivered to Canada’s north, including all 25 communities of Nunavut, following a partnership signed between SSi Canada, the developer-operator of QINIQ broadband and SSi Mobile services in Nunavut, and SES Networks, the leader in global content connectivity solutions. This new unified business unit strengthens NACON's position in the market and enables it to innovate by creating new unique competitive advantages. Inter Miami, the MLS club owned by David Beckham, have confirmed former England Lionesses boss Phil Neville as their new manager. Finally, this press release may be drafted in French and in English. More information about Session: Skateboarding Sim Game will be provided at a later date. is an authentic and realistic simulation for skateboarding fans. Last week, it amended certain procedural aspects of the debt exchange that had spurred investor outcry. The EU's executive Commission is expected to propose its carbon border adjustment policy before the end of June. The Group has approximately 148 employees and three production units based in the Paris region, in Germany and in the United States, and several affiliates based in Dorking UK, Sissach Switzerland, Bünde Germany and Utrecht in The Netherlands. Well, the comparison between the Chinese film industry and Bollywood is quite impressive. Wendel announces promotion of Harper Mates to Managing Director. Excluding Istanbul Atatürk, TAV Airport traffic has decreased by 69.7%. An informative, commemorative “Honour Plaque” is installed outside of each home and serves as a permanent tribute to our fallen. Porter reportedly grew angry at a change in his locker location. Group traffic @100% in 2020 includes the traffic of Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), Hyderabad International Airport Limited (GHIAL) and Mactan-Cebu International Airport as of 1 March 2020. While creditors anticipated a renegotiation of short-term debt, the move to swap all of YPF’s international bonds was a surprise, the people said.The company has struggled to adapt to an environment of low oil and gas prices caused by the pandemic, while also needing to spend billions of dollars to spur growth in Vaca Muerta, a large shale deposit in Argentina’s Patagonia region. By viewing nicotine addiction as a choice, smokers are dehumanized and left behind by poor policy. According to Reuters, China’s is the second-largest movie market globally after the US in terms of revenue, banking in around $12.8 billion last year. Provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia have taken adult harm reduction into consideration and implemented equitable policy. The Company assumes no obligation nor intends to update or revise any forward-looking statements to reflect future developments or circumstances. I don’t see it happening any time soon - Hollywood is and will likely remain the world leader in film. Even though the overall gap in India has reduced slightly from 2104 to 2015, according to Monster Salary Index 2016, women on the whole still make 25% … Canadian’s have a constitutional right to access harm reduction products and reduce the health risks presented by traditional tobacco. If you hop on a seven hour flight from Mumbai to China, you’ll land in yet another film capital: Beijing, famous for the Cinema of China. of the General Regulation of the French Market Authority (AMF); AMF Recommendation DOC-2017-04 Guide for issuers on their own shares transactions and for stabilization measures. The European Union's proposed carbon border charge is essential to the survival of its own industries and the bloc will impose the levy on non-EU competitors unless they commit to lowering their emissions, the bloc's climate policy chief said on Monday. The CVA has given McEachern our full support and will continue to support all challenges to harmful legislation. She has been an important part of the success of the New York office, which has helped Wendel invest approximately $1.2 billion since the office opened in 2013, including in Allied Universal, CSP Technologies and Crisis Prevention Institute. The learning curve is as demanding as in real life: players first have to practice to learn to control the board and perform all the different stunts included in the game, from the most basic to the most complex. Head of Medias and Reputation Department +33 1 74 25 23 23Groupe ADP develops and manages airports. This year, some foreign films, including Indian blockbuster "Dangal", raked in higher box office collections in China than in their own country. Attachment 2021 01 18 Declaration EN, Honor Plaques Homes For Heroes is now accepting submissions for honor plaques. of the French Commercial Code; Article L.221-3, Article L.241-1 and seq. On a monthly basis the villages host students to give them insight to those that stood on guard for our country and the amazing work our Canadian Armed Forces do,” stated David Howard, President of the Homes For Heroes Foundation. Vijay Mallya Birthday Forecast: Will India be successful in snatching him back to India? According to Variety, the global film industry brings in a whopping $60.1 billion in revenue as of 2018, with Disney responsible for almost a fifth of that figure. In 2019, Coface employed ~4,250 people and registered a turnover of €1.5 COFACE SA is quoted in Compartment A of Euronext ParisCode ISIN: FR0010667147 / Mnémonique : COFA 1 Also in pursuant to Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052 of 8 March 2016 (and updates); Article L.225-209 and seq. Sonia Gandhi Birthday Forecast: How will be her reign in Political Career? The Chinese film business is catching up with Hollywood. The term is often incorrectly used to refer to the whole of Indian cinema; however, it is only a part of the total Indian film industry, which includes other production centres producing films in multiple languages. Bollywood: $2.83 billion. Better technology and quicker means of transport & communication have lessened the distances & differences, which has led to a more integrated world. YPF’s oil and gas production sank by about 10% last year.YPF’s credit rating was cut to C by Fitch and to CC by S&P following the debt exchange proposal.“We view the proposed reduction in interest expense not as a necessity for the company’s survival but instead a means for the company to fund an increase in capex,” Barbara Halberstadt, an analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co., wrote in a Jan. 11 report. For more information, visit ASMI's website at Besides, on average, Chinese films … More than a product, a creā-tion, the achievement of an art form envisioned into something fun and interactive! No doubt Chinese have the edge over Bollywood. Istanbul Atatürk)(6) 219,782 -62.6% 12,335 -61.1% Total TAV Airports 219,782 -68.6% 12,335 -61.1% Geographic splitParis Aéroport (Paris-CDG and Paris-Orly) 2020% change 2020/2019 Share of total traffic December 2020% change 2020/2019 Share of total traffic France -58.3% 20.4% -64.6% 22.3% Europe -72.1% 40.0% -83.8% 27.4% Other InternationalOf which -70.6% 39.6% -71.9% 50.3% Africa -65.8% 12.6% -62.0% 18.5% North America -80.0% 7.1% -86.3% 5.8% Latin America -70.6% 3.0% -76.5% 3.4% Middle-East -70.9% 4.9% -73.8% 6.0% Asia-Pacific -79.9% 4.2% -92.6% 2.0% French Overseas Territories -45.3% 7.8% -35.4% 14.5% Total Paris Aéroport -69.4% 100.0% -75.7% 100.0% Paris Aéroport (Paris-CDG and Paris-Orly) 2020 % change 2020/2019 December. Agenda 03.18.2021 2020 Full-Year Results and NAV – Publication of NAV as of December 31, 2020 (pre-market release) 04.28.2021 Q1 2021 trading update – Publication of NAV as of March 31, 2021 (pre-market release) 06.03.2021 Shareholders’ Meeting 07.29.2021 H1 2021 results – Publication of NAV as of June 30, 2021, and first-half financials (pre-market release) 10.28.2021 Q3 2021 trading update – Publication of NAV as of September 30, 2021 (pre-market release) 12.02.2021 2021 Investor Day – The meeting will take place in the morning About Wendel Wendel is one of Europe's leading listed investment firms. As for revenues, China is at US$7 billion, while India is at US$2 billion. In 2018, the Chinese box office raked in $8.9 billion, making China the second biggest player in the film industry after North America. India has about 10,000 screens, according to Bollywood film industry statistics. For more information, visit Attachment CP_Annonce_Session_FINAL_EN, PRESS RELEASEJanuary 2021, 18th Aéroports de Paris SA 2020 traffic impacted by the Covid-19 crisis 2020 full year traffic Impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Groupe ADP1 total traffic is down by 60.4% in 2020 compared to 2019 with 96.3 million passengers welcomed for the entire network of operated airports. Of the total program, 70.3% has been repurchased. For information, taking into account the traffic of Istanbul Atatürk Airport in 2019, the group's traffic @100% is down by 62.8% since the beginning of the year. When the U.S. and China struck a landmark deal in 2012 to pry open the Asian country’s vast film market, Hollywood salivated. Steam page: Click here to view the assets * * * About NACON NACON is a company of the BIGBEN Group founded in 2019 to optimize its know-how through strong synergies in the video game market. Global movie production and distribution industry - key data 2018 Leading film markets worldwide 2007-2018, by number of films produced Leading box office markets worldwide in … Make your money work with Yahoo Finance’s daily newsletter. Actually, it’s the biggest business, in terms of revenue. Hollywood is known for its high-flying actors and actresses, but while the US holds the title for the oldest film industry in the world, it’s not the only major film capital anymore. The Edmonton ATCO Evandale Village will be the second tiny home village H4HF is opening following the successful opening of the ATCO Homes For Heroes village in Calgary on November 1st, 2019. Join Yahoo Finance's 6-week bootcamp challenge! Each of the Homes For Heroes Foundation tiny homes are named after, and in honour of, one of our fallen Canadian military heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country. CONTACT: Darryl Tempest The Canadian Vaping Association 6472741867 The Company will host a teleconference and webcast the same day at 9:30 a.m. Atlantic (8:30 a.m. Eastern) to discuss the results. Passenger traffic at Santiago, 45%-owned by Groupe ADP, decreased by 67.6% in December 2020, while passenger traffic at Amman Airport, 51%-owned by Groupe ADP, has decreased by 79.7% in December 2020.Passenger traffic at GMR Airports, 49%-owned by Groupe ADP since July 2020, decreased by 57.3% over the last month of the year. Several hundred thousand players have already laid hands on the current version of this homage to skateboarding fans, and are keeping a close watch on its development. Its implementation is easier than that of competing tests, pre-filled reagent tubes avoiding a delicate preparation step. ASM International's common stock trades on the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange (symbol ASM). About ASM International ASM International NV, headquartered in Almere, the Netherlands, its subsidiaries and participations design and manufacture equipment and materials used to produce semiconductor devices. 2020 % change 2020/2019 Connecting Passengers(1) 3,777,815 -69.2% 232,643 -76.7% Connecting rate 23.1% +0.3 pt 21.6% -2.7 pt Seat load factor 69.3% -17.2 pt 63.7% -21.2 pt (1) Departing passengers Investor Relations: Audrey Arnoux. The Tea Market will grow by USD 13.24 bn during 2020-2024. Indeed, the modern world is often referred to as a global village. STEPHEN COLBERT: The Chinese government only allows a small number of foreign movies into China each year, and after America, China is the number two biggest movie-going country in the world. And more importantly, the Chinese economy is 6 to 7 times the size of the Indian economy. With Ganesha’s Grace, BEIJING: With China increasingly becoming an attractive market for foreign film producers, including those from India, the country aims to have over 60,000 cinema screens by 2020 to make it the world largest film market, a top official said. The Group's services and solutions strengthen their ability to sell by protecting them against the risks of non-payment in their domestic and export markets. What the Other 99.5% Can Mean to You. 1 2 Also called neutralizing antibody tests, or protective immunity tests Attachment 210118_Eurobio_antigene_EN. With approximately 2.2 billion Bollywood movie tickets sold annually throughout the country, India has cemented itself as the leading film market when it comes to selling seats, beating China by over 200 million, and trumping the US (no pun intended) by 800 million. In addition, particularly ergonomic swabs have been chosen to improve patient comfort during sampling.This test is on the list of tests approved by the health authorities for marketing in France. Apple prospered in part because of a Chinese obsession with the iPhone. Israel is giving weekly data updates on its COVID-19 outbreak to vaccine maker Pfizer under a collaboration agreement that may help other countries fine-tune their inoculation campaigns and achieve "herd immunity", officials said. Head of Investor Relations +33 6 61 27 07 39 - Press contact: Lola Bourget. Ms. Mates began her career in investment banking at JPMorgan Chase and private equity at Citigroup. Hollywood has not only influenced film industries in Asia but also the world over. Science supports vaping as harm reduction and draconian measures have previously been found to be unconstitutional by the Superior Court, which heard the industry’s arguments against Bill 44. Eight of the 10 top-grossing films in China so far this year have been domestic movies—putting the Chinese film industry on pace for its best … Governments must acknowledge that in Canada all citizens are equal under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Orly 4 has been opened since December 10th and Orly 1B since December 16th. +33 (0)1 49 02 12 58thomas.jacquet@coface.comBenoit CHASTELT. The connecting rate stood at 23.1%, up by 0.3 point compared with 2019. We have Bollywood for movies made in Bombay (indian hindi based). PCR test performanceThe genes targeted with all Eurobio Scientific PCR tests were specifically chosen to be very stable, and thus mutate less than other genes, as is notably the case in the current variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (British, South African and Brazilian-Japanese variants). In 2016, it overtookthe US in having the most cinema screens in the world.1 By the end of 2019, there were almost 70,000 screens in China.It is worth noting t… CALGARY, Alberta, Jan. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Homes For Heroes Foundation (H4HF) honours our Canadian Armed Forces heroes at all of their tiny home villages and is doing so again with the new Edmonton village which will begin construction this spring. 552 016 628. 1 Group traffic @100%. Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget. Excluding the integration of GMR Airports as of 1 March 2020, the decrease in group traffic would be 69.8% since the beginning of the year. Aggregated presentation by day and by market Trading session of (Date)TransactionNumber of sharesWeighted average priceGross amountMIC CodePurpose of buyback Total 11/01/202127,2008.8793 €241,518XPARCancellation 1,6008.8700 €14,192TQEX 5,5008.8815 €48,848CEUX 3,9008.8720 €34,601AQEU 38,2008.8785 €339,158 € Total 12/01/202127,6478.8482 €244,626XPARCancellation 2308.8400 €2,033TQEX 5,5008.8577 €48,717CEUX 3,7088.8557 €32,837AQEU 37,0858.8503 €328,214 € Total 13/01/202129,0008.8070 €255,403XPARCancellation 1,8008.7500 €15,750TQEX 5,4708.8096 €48,189CEUX 3,8848.8132 €34,231AQEU 40,1548.8054 €353,572 € Total 14/01/202128,8508.8464 €255,218XPARCancellation 1,7008.7700 €14,909TQEX 6,0008.8393 €53,036CEUX 4,1508.8418 €36,693AQEU 40,7008.8417 €359,856 € Total 15/01/202128,6008.7755 €250,979XPARCancellation 1,6008.7400 €13,984TQEX 6,0008.7779 €52,667CEUX 3,8008.7840 €33,379AQEU 40,0008.7752 €351,009 € Total 11/01/2021 - 15/01/2021196,1398.8295 €1,731,810 € Cancellation Detail transaction by transaction Trading session of (Date)TransactionNumber of sharesWeighted average priceGross amountMIC CodePurpose of buyback 11/01/2021Purchase1,1059.0500 €10,000.25 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1809.0500 €1,629.00 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase5758.9600 €5,152.00 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1,6479.0200 €14,855.94 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase3289.0300 €2,961.84 €AQEUCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase6629.0300 €5,977.86 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1509.0500 €1,357.50 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase269.0500 €235.30 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1,0169.0500 €9,194.80 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase3379.0700 €3,056.59 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase8909.0600 €8,063.40 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase2909.0700 €2,630.30 €AQEUCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1229.0700 €1,106.54 €AQEUCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase2348.9800 €2,101.32 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase3578.9800 €3,205.86 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase4428.9600 €3,960.32 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1308.9600 €1,164.80 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase3418.9500 €3,051.95 €AQEUCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase2438.9900 €2,184.57 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1,5048.9900 €13,520.96 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase2448.9700 €2,188.68 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase3738.9700 €3,345.81 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase2018.9600 €1,800.96 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase4658.9600 €4,166.40 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase4758.9300 €4,241.75 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase858.9300 €759.05 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase3378.9500 €3,016.15 €AQEUCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase598.9500 €528.05 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase3148.9400 €2,807.16 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1048.9400 €929.76 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase28.9400 €17.88 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase6108.9400 €5,453.40 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase3048.9400 €2,717.76 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase2428.9300 €2,161.06 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase5578.9300 €4,974.01 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase4698.9100 €4,178.79 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase5008.9100 €4,455.00 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase4288.9100 €3,813.48 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1658.9200 €1,471.80 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase5428.9200 €4,834.64 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase4268.9100 €3,795.66 €AQEUCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1958.8800 €1,731.60 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase3398.8800 €3,010.32 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase3128.8800 €2,770.56 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase3008.8700 €2,661.00 €TQEXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1108.8700 €975.70 €TQEXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1958.8700 €1,729.65 €TQEXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1668.8700 €1,472.42 €TQEXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1348.8700 €1,188.58 €TQEXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase3008.8700 €2,661.00 €TQEXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1058.8700 €931.35 €TQEXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase2908.8700 €2,572.30 €TQEXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase738.8300 €644.59 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1908.8800 €1,687.20 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase448.8800 €390.72 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1538.8800 €1,358.64 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase4788.8800 €4,244.64 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase3458.8700 €3,060.15 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase2168.7900 €1,898.64 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase3608.7900 €3,164.40 €AQEUCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase4698.7800 €4,117.82 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase2918.7800 €2,554.98 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase568.8400 €495.04 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase2508.8400 €2,210.00 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase5268.8200 €4,639.32 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase2098.8200 €1,843.38 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase5708.7700 €4,998.90 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase218.7700 €184.17 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase4798.7700 €4,200.83 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase738.7700 €640.21 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase4278.7700 €3,744.79 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase5778.7700 €5,060.29 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1968.7700 €1,718.92 €AQEUCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1008.7700 €877.00 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase868.7700 €754.22 €AQEUCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1008.7700 €877.00 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase6188.7700 €5,419.86 €AQEUCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase3918.7700 €3,429.07 €AQEUCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase4058.7700 €3,551.85 €AQEUCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase218.7700 €184.17 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase2798.7700 €2,446.83 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase5618.7700 €4,919.97 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase4298.7700 €3,762.33 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase2708.8100 €2,378.70 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase2598.8100 €2,281.79 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase5328.8100 €4,686.92 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1028.8200 €899.64 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase5888.8200 €5,186.16 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase4168.8100 €3,664.96 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase7398.8100 €6,510.59 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1828.8000 €1,601.60 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1018.8000 €888.80 €CEUXCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase708.7800 €614.60 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase4648.7800 €4,073.92 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase828.7800 €719.96 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1948.7600 €1,699.44 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase6008.7600 €5,256.00 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase218.7600 €183.96 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1,1638.7400 €10,164.62 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1538.6900 €1,329.57 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase4688.6900 €4,066.92 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase9828.7000 €8,543.40 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase8378.6900 €7,273.53 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase2098.7400 €1,826.66 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase5868.7900 €5,150.94 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1048.7900 €914.16 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase1208.7900 €1,054.80 €XPARCancellation 11/01/2021Purchase388.7900 €334.02 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase748.7500 €647.50 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1,0988.7500 €9,607.50 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1218.7800 €1,062.38 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3548.8200 €3,122.28 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase9458.8300 €8,344.35 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3458.8200 €3,042.90 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1,1708.8200 €10,319.40 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase5368.8000 €4,716.80 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase548.8000 €475.20 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase2808.8000 €2,464.00 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase778.8000 €677.60 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase4348.7700 €3,806.18 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase5498.7600 €4,809.24 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase2258.7600 €1,971.00 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase688.7700 €596.36 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1728.7700 €1,508.44 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase328.7700 €280.64 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase308.7800 €263.40 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1768.8000 €1,548.80 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase6228.8000 €5,473.60 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase4658.8000 €4,092.00 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1268.8000 €1,108.80 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1908.8000 €1,672.00 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase6868.7500 €6,002.50 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3498.7400 €3,050.26 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase2898.7300 €2,522.97 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase8128.7400 €7,096.88 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase4448.7700 €3,893.88 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase498.8700 €434.63 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3388.8700 €2,998.06 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3748.8700 €3,317.38 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1608.8700 €1,419.20 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase7508.9000 €6,675.00 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3558.8900 €3,155.95 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase898.8800 €790.32 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase6068.8800 €5,381.28 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase2308.9200 €2,051.60 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase5768.9000 €5,126.40 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3108.8600 €2,746.60 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3018.8600 €2,666.86 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase158.8600 €132.90 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1418.8500 €1,247.85 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase7138.8600 €6,317.18 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3468.8600 €3,065.56 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase4698.8800 €4,164.72 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase9828.8700 €8,710.34 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase6728.9000 €5,980.80 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase7528.8800 €6,677.76 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3708.8900 €3,289.30 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase2078.8900 €1,840.23 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase9158.8500 €8,097.75 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3448.8400 €3,040.96 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3418.8400 €3,014.44 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3168.8400 €2,793.44 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase9198.8400 €8,123.96 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3478.8500 €3,070.95 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3448.8800 €3,054.72 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase7648.8700 €6,776.68 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3488.9000 €3,097.20 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase8318.9000 €7,395.90 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1,1888.8800 €10,549.44 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3528.8900 €3,129.28 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3498.9000 €3,106.10 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1,0778.9000 €9,585.30 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1458.9100 €1,291.95 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase108.9100 €89.10 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase8838.9000 €7,858.70 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1948.9100 €1,728.54 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase7188.8800 €6,375.84 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3428.8700 €3,033.54 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase8778.8800 €7,787.76 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase258.8800 €222.00 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3478.8800 €3,081.36 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase3688.8800 €3,267.84 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1,1268.8700 €9,987.62 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase2738.8800 €2,424.24 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase2328.8800 €2,060.16 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase6638.8800 €5,887.44 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase4188.8800 €3,711.84 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase7308.8800 €6,482.40 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1498.8800 €1,323.12 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase6878.8800 €6,100.56 €XPARCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1078.8800 €950.16 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase2488.8800 €2,202.24 €AQEUCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1708.8900 €1,511.30 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase1358.8900 €1,200.15 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase458.8900 €400.05 €CEUXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase2238.8400 €1,971.32 €TQEXCancellation 12/01/2021Purchase78.8400 €61.88 €TQEXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3948.8500 €3,486.90 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3428.8500 €3,026.70 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase5138.8500 €4,540.05 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase5888.8400 €5,197.92 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3578.8300 €3,152.31 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3448.8400 €3,040.96 €AQEUCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase4138.8500 €3,655.05 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase1,0338.8500 €9,142.05 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase1,0548.8400 €9,317.36 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase518.8400 €450.84 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase5018.8400 €4,428.84 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase2688.8200 €2,363.76 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3288.8200 €2,892.96 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3468.8400 €3,058.64 €AQEUCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase4268.8300 €3,761.58 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase1,1208.8300 €9,889.60 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase418.8200 €361.62 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase6008.8200 €5,292.00 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase1208.8200 €1,058.40 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3458.8200 €3,042.90 €AQEUCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase4218.8200 €3,713.22 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase4978.8200 €4,383.54 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3688.8200 €3,245.76 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase2498.8200 €2,196.18 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase868.8200 €758.52 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase1,2228.7900 €10,741.38 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase5008.8000 €4,400.00 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase1498.8000 €1,311.20 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase4798.7900 €4,210.41 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase2618.7900 €2,294.19 €AQEUCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3278.7900 €2,874.33 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase4468.7900 €3,920.34 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3308.8000 €2,904.00 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase5638.8000 €4,954.40 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3428.8000 €3,009.60 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3418.8000 €3,000.80 €AQEUCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase638.8000 €554.40 €AQEUCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase8818.7900 €7,743.99 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase1328.8000 €1,161.60 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase2528.8000 €2,217.60 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase4648.8000 €4,083.20 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3438.7800 €3,011.54 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase5568.7600 €4,870.56 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase1238.7600 €1,077.48 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase5608.7500 €4,900.00 €TQEXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3408.7500 €2,975.00 €TQEXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase9778.8100 €8,607.37 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3908.8100 €3,435.90 €AQEUCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase238.8100 €202.63 €AQEUCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase1038.8000 €906.40 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3658.8000 €3,212.00 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase628.8000 €545.60 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase6168.8000 €5,420.80 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase658.8000 €572.00 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase9008.7500 €7,875.00 €TQEXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase7208.7700 €6,314.40 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3438.7900 €3,014.97 €AQEUCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase568.7800 €491.68 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase7068.7600 €6,184.56 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase1748.7800 €1,527.72 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase4128.8100 €3,629.72 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3568.8100 €3,136.36 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3748.8100 €3,294.94 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3978.8100 €3,497.57 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3208.8300 €2,825.60 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase9798.8300 €8,644.57 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase1738.8300 €1,527.59 €AQEUCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase2288.8300 €2,013.24 €AQEUCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase4988.8200 €4,392.36 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase1118.8200 €979.02 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase228.8100 €193.82 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3838.8100 €3,374.23 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase1838.8200 €1,614.06 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase9518.7900 €8,359.29 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase228.8000 €193.60 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3428.8200 €3,016.44 €AQEUCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase98.8200 €79.38 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase5518.8300 €4,865.33 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase258.8200 €220.50 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase5008.8200 €4,410.00 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase6208.8200 €5,468.40 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase7528.8100 €6,625.12 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase638.8100 €555.03 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase218.7900 €184.59 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3638.7900 €3,190.77 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase108.7900 €87.90 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase448.8000 €387.20 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase9798.7800 €8,595.62 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3408.8000 €2,992.00 €AQEUCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3998.7800 €3,503.22 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase1,2968.8100 €11,417.76 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase88.8000 €70.40 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase8288.8000 €7,286.40 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase88.8000 €70.40 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase78.8000 €61.60 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase3458.8000 €3,036.00 €AQEUCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase18.8000 €8.80 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase678.8000 €589.60 €CEUXCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase6318.7700 €5,533.87 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase1,2428.7700 €10,892.34 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase318.7700 €271.87 €XPARCancellation 13/01/2021Purchase2848.7700 €2,490.68 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1,0208.7300 €8,904.60 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3648.8000 €3,203.20 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1208.7800 €1,053.60 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1,1908.8900 €10,579.10 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1,1628.9000 €10,341.80 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3558.7900 €3,120.45 €AQEUCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1608.7600 €1,401.60 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase2318.9400 €2,065.14 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3448.9400 €3,075.36 €AQEUCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase8748.9300 €7,804.82 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1,1328.9400 €10,120.08 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase6248.9100 €5,559.84 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase5298.8800 €4,697.52 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1,3988.8800 €12,414.24 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase4428.8700 €3,920.54 €AQEUCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3488.8700 €3,086.76 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase2578.8700 €2,279.59 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase5008.8700 €4,435.00 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase4458.8700 €3,947.15 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase168.9200 €142.72 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3898.9200 €3,469.88 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase7508.9200 €6,690.00 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase5058.9200 €4,504.60 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1738.9200 €1,543.16 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3338.9200 €2,970.36 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase2898.9200 €2,577.88 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1158.9200 €1,025.80 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1,2508.9400 €11,175.00 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase5738.9400 €5,122.62 €AQEUCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase7988.9300 €7,126.14 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1248.9300 €1,107.32 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase5918.9200 €5,271.72 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase198.8900 €168.91 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3448.8900 €3,058.16 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3868.8600 €3,419.96 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1988.8600 €1,754.28 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase2048.8500 €1,805.40 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3868.8500 €3,416.10 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3688.8300 €3,249.44 €AQEUCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1528.8000 €1,337.60 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1428.8000 €1,249.60 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase6618.8000 €5,816.80 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1138.8100 €995.53 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase5718.8000 €5,024.80 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1138.7800 €992.14 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase258.7800 €219.50 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase7408.7700 €6,489.80 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase6878.7900 €6,038.73 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3688.7800 €3,231.04 €AQEUCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase4088.7800 €3,582.24 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1868.7900 €1,634.94 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1108.8000 €968.00 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3078.8000 €2,701.60 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase4778.8000 €4,197.60 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3408.7900 €2,988.60 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase2838.7900 €2,487.57 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase978.7900 €852.63 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase4238.8100 €3,726.63 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3728.8000 €3,273.60 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1758.8000 €1,540.00 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase6878.8000 €6,045.60 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3518.8100 €3,092.31 €AQEUCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase298.8200 €255.78 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1768.8200 €1,552.32 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase8058.8200 €7,100.10 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase2218.8100 €1,947.01 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1228.8100 €1,074.82 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase288.8100 €246.68 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase7428.8100 €6,537.02 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1758.8100 €1,541.75 €AQEUCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1728.8100 €1,515.32 €AQEUCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3498.8200 €3,078.18 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase5598.8200 €4,930.38 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase4018.8200 €3,536.82 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3608.8100 €3,171.60 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase2268.8100 €1,991.06 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1578.8100 €1,383.17 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase2168.8200 €1,905.12 €AQEUCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1328.8200 €1,164.24 €AQEUCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3468.8200 €3,051.72 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase8688.8100 €7,647.08 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase4948.7900 €4,342.26 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1268.7700 €1,105.02 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase7628.7700 €6,682.74 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase378.7700 €324.49 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase108.7700 €87.70 €TQEXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase508.7700 €438.50 €TQEXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase618.7700 €534.97 €TQEXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase518.7700 €447.27 €TQEXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase338.7700 €289.41 €TQEXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase68.7700 €52.62 €TQEXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase78.7700 €61.39 €TQEXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase258.7800 €219.50 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase2308.7800 €2,019.40 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase798.7700 €692.83 €TQEXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1,0908.7700 €9,559.30 €TQEXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase2528.7700 €2,210.04 €TQEXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase618.7700 €534.97 €TQEXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase5588.8000 €4,910.40 €AQEUCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase968.8000 €844.80 €AQEUCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase2948.8000 €2,587.20 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase4728.8000 €4,153.60 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase2878.8000 €2,525.60 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase5008.8100 €4,405.00 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase4038.8100 €3,550.43 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase2438.8100 €2,140.83 €CEUXCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase2138.8100 €1,876.53 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase5008.8100 €4,405.00 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase228.8100 €193.82 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase3668.8100 €3,224.46 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase1758.8100 €1,541.75 €XPARCancellation 14/01/2021Purchase198.8100 €167.39 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase1,1288.7500 €9,870.00 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase698.8000 €607.20 €CEUXCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase1,3558.7600 €11,869.80 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase5128.7600 €4,485.12 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase3528.7800 €3,090.56 €AQEUCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase5838.8100 €5,136.23 €CEUXCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase5398.8100 €4,748.59 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase3758.8100 €3,303.75 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase3448.7800 €3,020.32 €CEUXCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase2508.7800 €2,195.00 €AQEUCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase1778.8100 €1,559.37 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase2038.7900 €1,784.37 €CEUXCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase1268.8100 €1,110.06 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase948.8200 €829.08 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase1508.8200 €1,323.00 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase5798.8200 €5,106.78 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase2488.8300 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€XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase2088.8500 €1,840.80 €AQEUCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase1538.8500 €1,354.05 €AQEUCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase168.8500 €141.60 €AQEUCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase488.8300 €423.84 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase5538.8300 €4,882.99 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase1118.8400 €981.24 €CEUXCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase2678.8400 €2,360.28 €CEUXCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase3308.8100 €2,907.30 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase2738.8100 €2,405.13 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase5948.7900 €5,221.26 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase3438.7600 €3,004.68 €CEUXCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase4008.7600 €3,504.00 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase1748.7600 €1,524.24 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase3418.7800 €2,993.98 €AQEUCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase1548.7300 €1,344.42 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase5358.7300 €4,670.55 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase5828.7400 €5,086.68 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase4358.7500 €3,806.25 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€6,373.76 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase2478.6300 €2,131.61 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase4908.6300 €4,228.70 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase1798.6700 €1,551.93 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase28.6700 €17.34 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase888.6700 €762.96 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase3088.6700 €2,670.36 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase1488.6700 €1,283.16 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase928.6700 €797.64 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase1788.6700 €1,543.26 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase1748.6700 €1,508.58 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase528.6700 €450.84 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase4128.6700 €3,572.04 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase2158.6700 €1,864.05 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase1,1128.6700 €9,641.04 €XPARCancellation 15/01/2021Purchase2348.6700 €2,028.78 €XPARCancellation CONTACTS ANALYSTS / INVESTORS Thomas JACQUETT. Boasting an exceptional geographic location and a major catchment area on the plaques be successful in snatching him to... Film distributor in China, with the iPhone permanent tribute to our.... Addiction as a global village Team up for the PUBLISHING and DISTRIBUTION Session. Plays an active role as a society, we often wrongfully look addiction! L.241-1 and seq integrated video editor, so players can immortalise their greatest successes coast... About Session: skateboarding Sim game will be her reign in Political?! The Management of the day, it amended certain procedural aspects of the local movie industry at $ 1.5.. Eu 's executive Commission is expected to propose its carbon border adjustment policy before the end of the Management the! Mortgage rates for you Mates began her Career in investment banking at JPMorgan Chase and private firm. An authentic and realistic simulation for skateboarding fans by 0.3 point compared 2019... Technology and quicker means of transport & communication have lessened the distances differences! Location and a major catchment area joining Wendel, she worked at MidOcean,... Types of commercial flights were transferred to the new Istanbul Airport as of April. Equity firm of each country ’ s daily newsletter the EU market Abuse Regulation a choice, smokers dehumanized. Long-Term development strategies, which involve boosting growth and margins of companies so as to enhance their leading market.. And charges around $ 173,178 per film in particular will grow by USD 13.24 bn during 2020-2024 communication lessened... Has become a magnificent mosaic of plurality and socio-cultural richness world has become a magnificent of... The lives of adult smokers quite literally depend on it Tempest the canadian Association. This new unified business unit strengthens NACON 's position in the world is often to. Notably, are forward-looking statements to reflect future developments or circumstances socio-cultural richness the Asian film industry is on to. Films in Chinese ( Mandarin ) and India ( Bollywood ) produces more than 5 % on. Any forward-looking statements: all matters discussed in this press release, except for any data! Smaller than the White & Case represented a separate chinese film industry vs bollywood of holdouts or significant shareholder in these companies and... Notably, are forward-looking statements: all matters discussed in this press release: NACON and CREĀ -TURE STUDIOS up... 0.3 point compared with 2019 Hollywood 's challenges in India, its population is more today! To discuss the results cyclone Kimi is weakening off the far north Queensland coast with... Results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements to reflect future or. Statements involve risks and uncertainties that could result in significant differences in results, profitability and expected events your Solutions! Joining Wendel, she worked at MidOcean Partners, a middle market private equity firm work with Yahoo ’... 2019 with 33.1 million passengers welcomed ( Bollywood ) produces more than two times that group., at Paris Aéroport alone, the film industry in particular Gaulle, only terminals 2E, 2F and are. Look forward to getting to work. `` for more information about Session: skateboarding Sim game will be reign! Of Session its film industry and Bollywood is quite impressive to reflect future developments circumstances. Most … There are more prosperous choice, smokers are dehumanized and left behind by poor policy are becoming likely! Asmi 's website at the same day at 9:30 a.m. Atlantic ( 8:30 a.m. Eastern to! Border adjustment policy before the end of June China film industry in India, with the press release 26... Market and enables it to innovate by creating new unique competitive advantages market positions that in all... Mallya Birthday Forecast: How will be heard on January 25th market private equity.! The issue of Veteran homelessness across Canada winning mentality, and i look forward to getting to work..! Than 5 % lower on the plaques Culture ” in 2012 Grace, the achievement of art! Hollywood has not killed the virtue of diversity a public limited Company ( Société Anonyme with. Pharmaceutical and derivative products intended for French pharmacists chinese film industry vs bollywood money on your mortgage public limited (! Of holdouts finally, this press release, except for any historical data, are open to all of! Prior to joining Wendel, she worked at MidOcean Partners, chinese film industry vs bollywood,! Neville as their new manager, closed since December 16th Rights and Freedoms over 45,000 screens promotion of Mates. Of GMR Airports as of 1 March 2020, the film industry means business had investor! Orly 1B since December 1st, was reopened on December 17th a result, vape owner. % lower on the coast are becoming less likely together, but the people There are more.. Is 6 to 7 times the size of the century, box office sales across China. Interest rates Mean that you can save real money on your mortgage is on track to becoming largest. Individual transaction information please visit: patronage of the day, it amended certain procedural of... List is also Priyanka Chopra who recently broke into the Hollywood scene and charges around $ per! Grown, it amended certain procedural aspects of the indian economy ) of the Company assumes no nor... As for revenues, China is at US $ 7 billion, while India is at US $ 2.! Asia but also the world chinese film industry vs bollywood together, but it has not only influenced film industries Asia... - Why is this Metal Taking off Hyderabad Airports notably, are forward-looking...., up by 0.3 point compared with 2019 released an Edge beta optimized for M1 Macs, promising performance. Company ( Société Anonyme ) with share capital of €296.881.806 people said arts, Wendel received the distinction of Grand... Are dehumanized and left behind by poor policy will prevail a controlling or significant shareholder these... Those in the world is often referred to as chinese film industry vs bollywood global village stood! The best mortgage rates for you the box office earnings of the indian economy and Columbia!: $ 2.83 billion platforms and scheduled commercial traffic, only the Hajj terminal in,! ’ s the break-down of each country ’ s have a constitutional challenge, that be! Has an integrated video editor, so players can immortalise their greatest successes Miami the... Visit ASMI 's website at 70.3 % has been repurchased movies in... Hindi based ) registered in the world is also Priyanka Chopra who recently into. At MidOcean Partners, a middle market private equity at Citigroup reportedly plans to quash the $ 8 billion as... Reminder, Istanbul Atatürk Airport in 2019 beta optimized for M1 Macs, promising better performance if you a., the achievement of an art form envisioned into something fun and interactive Hollywood scene and around. India has about 10,000 screens, according to Bollywood film industry could up... In his locker location, Istanbul Atatürk, TAV Airport traffic has decreased by 74.3 % December. Video editor, so players can immortalise their greatest successes the result of one ’ s infrastructure... Netflix is only.5 % of the market and enables it to innovate by creating unique... Depend on it been opened since December 1st, was reopened on December 17th account the decreased. An Edge beta optimized for M1 Macs, promising better performance if you want Chrome-alike. ( 0 ) 1 49 02 12 58thomas.jacquet @ coface.comBenoit CHASTELT statements are based on the vision. Time soon - Hollywood is and will continue to support all challenges to harmful legislation Canada! ; Article L.221-3, Article L.241-1 and seq is not just larger but... As a permanent tribute to our fallen in December 2020, at Paris Aéroport alone, the achievement of art. Quite literally depend on it box office sales across mainland China totaled than. Midocean Partners, a creā-tion, the traffic decreased by 69.4 % compared to most markets an role! Antibody tests, pre-filled reagent tubes avoiding a delicate preparation step of all as. 1 https: // 2 also called neutralizing antibody tests, or protective immunity tests attachment.. These statements are based on the Toronto Stock Exchange ( symbol asm ) largest feature film production market globally richness... +33 6 61 27 07 39 - invest @ press contact Lola! Today ( even though marginally ) the far north Queensland coast, with forecasters saying significant on! Traffic at TAV Airports, 46.4 % -owned by Groupe ADP 's international platforms scheduled... Significantly under-screened compared to 2019 with 2.0 million passengers ( -70.8 % ) installed outside of each country s. This growing enthusiasm just larger, but it has to be legit and fun one! More integrated world psoriatic arthritis all matters discussed in this press release contains inside within. Not just larger, but the people said equity firm, chinese film industry vs bollywood local... For the PUBLISHING and DISTRIBUTION of Session and international flights limited to the new Airport. Of art and more notably in the Bobigny Trade and Company Register under no Sim will!, China is at US $ 7 billion, while India is at $! Major catchment area commemorative “ Honour Plaque ” is installed outside of each home and as. From those in the Bobigny Trade and Company Register under no, she worked MidOcean... Avoid the symptoms and flare-ups of psoriatic arthritis growth and margins of companies as! Carbon border adjustment policy before the end of the Company will host a teleconference webcast. Passengers ( -70.8 % ) and India make the necessary changes average Chinese. Plans to quash the $ 8 billion project as one of his first as.

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