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On the team, Sakuragi meets Haruko's older brother, Takenori Akagi, who is also Shohoku's captain, and two other players with violent pasts that caused them to leave the sport, Ryota Miyagi and Hisashi Mitsui. item 2 The Spirit Collection of Inoue Takehiko SLAM DUNK Vol.5 Hisashi Mitsui Figure 2 - The Spirit Collection of Inoue Takehiko SLAM DUNK Vol.5 Hisashi Mitsui Figure $112.17 +$12.34 shipping He is voiced by Hōchū Ōtsuka. Ryonan coach Moichi Taoka saw potential in both Fukuda and Sendoh starting from when they joined the team together. Hisashi Mitsui is a Japanese animation director. Shohoku favors a run and gun style of play and have a wide breadth of offensive capabilities. He has something of a rivalry going on with Sakuragi from the first time they learn of each other, when the latter was depressed over the loss to Kainan and was near a basketball court where Fukuda was practicing. Mitsui is credited as animation director in the following Yu-Gi-Oh!episodes. He also has indigo eyes. The captain of the Shohoku judo team, Tatsuhiko Aota (青田 龍彦, Aota Tatsuhiko) is a childhood friend of the Akagi siblings, having argued with Takenori over which sport was better, judo or basketball, since their youth. Haruko was responsible for uncovering Sakuragi's athletic talent after seeing him try to dunk a ball at her request - she was impressed by the height of his jump and considered him good enough to join the team. His unimposing presence distracts opponents from his basketball skills, especially his reliable three point shooting, the accuracy of which is comparable to Jin's and Mitsui's. He forms the core trio of the Sannoh team, along with Masashi Kawata and Sawakita. Before the beginning of the series, he was the MVP in his final year at Takeishi Junior High. In the anime he is voiced by Masaya Onosaka. [3] Inoue's own basketball experience also influenced the story: when he was younger he started playing basketball to be popular with girls, but later became obsessed with the sport. Mitsui began to get exasperated by all the attention Akagi was getting and that the other team members only referred to him as "MVP". Despite her emotional denseness and sweetness, Haruko is a pretty good student, helping Akagi tutor Sakuragi and Rukawa as well as the other two starters when they had to retake some tests they had failed or be disqualified from the National Tournament, and is not afraid to stand up for others when needed. However, he is also a beginner at basketball and can only score when he is close to the basket. Mitsui Hisashi (82) Mito Youhei (44) Miyagi Ryota (31) Fujima Kenji (30) Kogure Kiminobu (27) Akagi Takenori (26) Maki Shinichi (23) Include Relationships Rukawa Kaede/Sakuragi Hanamichi (255) Rukawa Kaede/Sendoh Akira (106) Kogure Kiminobu/Mitsui Hisashi (13) Mitsui Hisashi/Rukawa Kaede (10) Fujima Kenji/Sendoh Akira (9) Sendoh succeeds Uozomi as captain after he and Ikegami left the team. Join Facebook to connect with Hisashi Komera and others you may know. Sendoh succeeds him as team captain. He tries to get Hanamichi Sakuragi join the judo team because he considers his fighting skills exceptional, and to achieve this, "bribed" him with some photos of Haruko when she was younger. However, he proves that he can be a reliable player when he is needed. Being a top center, he is quite agile for his height. Sakuragi refers to him as "Boss Monkey" because he is as well-built as Akagi and taller. Akagi, together with Ayako and Haruko helps the four in reviewing for their make up exams in which they pass. Sans (Undertale) can do a lot of damage with his telekinesis. After an initial misunderstanding that caused conflict between them, both found comradeship in the fact that they had both been unlucky in love, although Miyagi, having only been rejected 10 times, still falls short of Sakuragi's record of 50 rejections. He used to be an MVP in Takeishi Junior High in his final year. In the anime and manga, it was Shiozaki who revealed Miyagi's reason for being hospitalized, and describing the details of Mitsui and Miyagi's feud in the latter part of the series. Although he hasn't played in a single game, Kuwata can be a reliable person for the team. Despite Sannoh's legendary reputation, Domoto does not rest on his laurels and yearly reiterates to his players that no team is guaranteed to win a match. The manga and anime series Slam Dunk features a cast of fictional characters created by Takehiko Inoue. She is voiced by Yuko Nagashima. He is known for his sticky defense and starts the game against Shohoku with the sole purpose of wearing down Mitsui. Sakuragi's gang, also known as The Sakuragi Legion (桜木軍団, Sakuragi Gundan), act like a Greek chorus. Slam Dunk, Vol. is Katsuki Bakugo's mother and the wife of Masaru Bakugo. He is voiced by Nobutoshi Canna in Japanese and Tim Hamaguchi in English. Anzai had given him the courage to win in the Junior High tournament by encouraging him during the last seconds of the match. Uozumi's size and power are unmatched in high school basketball. He and his friends provide the muscle again after Miyagi returns, and they join Mitsui in his attack on the basketball team. His personality also varies depending on which role he is playing in the game. In terms of age range, adolescence is usually considered to be the time between the ages of 13 and 19. , basketball Basketball is Netball for men, the real game that encourages dribbling and other such uncouth behaviour that was sanitised out of the ladies` version. However, he also injured his back during the match against Sannoh when saving the ball from going off the court, and underwent rehabilitation after Shohoku's subsequent loss to Aiwa Academy. Rukawa attempts to play him one-on-one in the second round of the national championships, but Sawakita proves that he is the better player and shuts down Rukawa's scoring, forcing him to change tactics. Sannoh hopes to have him become an eventual starter. While he is easygoing and humble, he is able to recognize the talent of other players, and is really compassionate about the game. Despite being only 178 cm, he can dunk and block shots quite regularly. He and Akagi are the only two players who have been on the team for all three years, as Mitsui left during their first year, and other players quit the team because they found Akagi's training regimen to be too strenuous. It is unclear to whether or not she returns the feelings to Sakuragi. He is considered as one of the top centers in Kanagawa. Before the Inter-high match against Ryonan, he put a picture of Anzai on the bench and prayed to it when Anzai was unable to come due to a heart attack to the dismay of Takenori Akagi and Sakuragi. Norio Hotta (堀田 徳男, Hotta Norio) is the leader of a gang of fellow Third Year students who are the reigning delinquents at Shohoku. Although he regards Sakuragi as an idiot and the two frequently get into conflicts, he seems to realize that Sakuragi can put his talents to better use. When Kakuta is matched up against him, he succeeds in blocking Kakuta out of his position and exhausting him, although Kakuta is only on the court for a few minutes. Haruko often appears at matches together with Sakuragi's cohorts and her two best friends, Fujii and Matsui. Mitsui attempts to ruin the basketball team by instigating them into fighting with his gang, as the team would have been suspended from participating the Inter-high Tournament by school for fighting. Out of all the players, Mitsui respects Anzai the most. Despite having the opportunity to join more prestigious high schools like Ryonan, he chose to go to Shohoku because of Coach Mitsuyoshi Anzai. [5], Yuji Ohkusu (大楠 雄二, Ōkusu Yūji) is one of the members of Sakuragi's Gang. Like Takenori and Kogure, Mitsui wears a navy blue standard Shohoku winter school un… He is voiced by Hideyuki Umezu. Although he is already in his second year and also a tall player, he can't deny that he can't keep up with the starters, as seen in the manga where he is beaten by Sakuragi's quick and skillful plays. However, he started as a very weak player, and was ridiculed and bullied by his upperclassmen for only having height but very little of everything else. The fists continue to fly as Hanamichi and Ryota refuse to back down from their full-court rumble with a group of angry thugs. It was Kogure who inspired Akagi to continue on his journey to national championship, when Akagi thought about giving it all up after being insulted by his classmates. However, their main weaknesses are the lack of a star point guard and a three-point shooter. Vol.8 Chapter 68 - Mitsui Hisashi At Age 15 August 25, 2019 Vol.8 Chapter 67 - National Championship August 25, 2019 Vol.8 Chapter 66 - Mvp August 25, 2019 Although he eventually healed, Mitsui was embittered by his exclusion from the court and quits basketball to become the leader of a delinquent gang. His calm and collected attitude contrasts with the temper he had in the past, when he was nicknamed "White-Haired Devil" (ホワイトヘアードデビル, Howaito Heādo Debiru) as an extremely strict and demanding college coach. He is a short, out-of-shape, and bespectacled guy. Kiyota likes to call Hanamichi "Red Monkey" (赤毛猿, Akasaru) while Hanamichi calls him "Wild Monkey." Last week on 7 January, Takehiko Inoue, author of the manga Slam Dunk, took to Twitter to announce a new animated movie for the basketball series. He has a habit of making fun of other players by giving them various nicknames, as he rarely calls his teammates or opponents by their real names. Both of them have known each other since high school. He also has a rather dry wit, and a quick temper, being readily offended by rude behavior from Sakuragi and Kiyota. Despite being the runner-up representative for Kanagawa, they are ranked as a C-class team and placed into a tough tournament bracket during the national championship, facing Toyotama and the reigning champion Sannoh. Slam Dunk characters (from left to right) Ryota Miyagi, Kaede Rukawa, Takenori Akagi, Hanamichi Sakuragi, and Hisashi Mitsui. Although he is newbie in this sport, he is no ordinary basketball player. He is also known for having a sports mustache. This product has evaluate score 5.0 and 23 of sold affiliate products within 30 days. He might also be Miyagi's classmate, as seen in the anime where he tells Kogure that Miyagi hasn't been in class, but his classmates have seen him hanging around. Despite being merely a first-year high school player, he is the undisputed ace of Shohoku's team. He was encouraged by Coach Anzai not to give up until the very end and because of it, he was motivated to win the game. He may be a punk now, but a little while ago, Hisashi Mitsui was a star player with almost limitless potential. Sakuragi always listens to her due to his deep affection for her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is voiced by Shinobu Satouchi. Even though her brother plays for Ryonan, she is mostly designated to cover Shohoku matches, in which she is always impressed about Shohoku players' performances, as they mostly play stronger opponents like Kainan or Sannoh. Masashi was initially quite short as a first-year student (165 cm), but rapidly grew over the next year (25 cm). He is voiced by Masaharu Sato. Hanamichi Sakuragi catches his attention on the first day of school when he gets into an altercation with two of his cronies, resulting in his issuing a direct challenge to Sakuragi by interrupting one of his classes.[ch. Later on in high school, he encountered Mitsui again after the latter had become a delinquent and was shocked to see how much he had changed. Masahiro Nobe (野辺将広, Nobe Masahiro) does not stand out for scoring abilities, but is a great rebounder. Mikio Kawata (河田美紀男, Kawata Mikio) is the younger brother of Masashi Kawata and the largest player in high school basketball. After being rejected fifty times by girls during junior high school, Sakuragi meets and falls in love with Haruko Akagi, a basketball fangirl.[ch. Name: Mitsui Hisashi A.k.a. The team has no notable weaknesses. Hotta is a good friend of Hisashi Mitsui, and backed him up when he challenged Ryota Miyagi to a fight a year ago. They have known each other since high school, when they themselves played for their respective schools, forging a fierce rivalry since that time. During Mitsui's attack on the basketball team, he is matched up with Kaede Rukawa, giving him a bloody head wound with a broken mop head, but in turn gets knocked out by Rukawa. Both men are still friends, but are also rivals. He has not played in any real games yet. However, Kogure makes a three pointer which pretty much sealed the victory for Shohoku. Kainan lost in the semifinals in the previous national championship to defending champion Sannoh by 30 points. Originally Kogure started playing basketball to increase his stamina, but he grew to love the game as he played alongside Akagi. 5. He was encouraged by Coach Anzai not to give up until the very end and because of it, he was motivated to win the game. Hanamichi Sakuragi always calls Anzai "Oyaji" (おやじ, lit. Toyotama High School (豊玉高校, Toyotama Kōkō) is the runner-up team from Osaka in the national championships, having lost to Daiei. Akagi and Kogure are friends and teammates from their middle school years. Miyagi is small for a basketball player, but makes up for it with incredible speed, skills and court awareness. Takato correctly deduces that Sakuragi will not take Yoshinori seriously enough to properly mark him, enabling Yoshinori to be effective. Sakuragi's most recognizable trait is his red hair, though he later shaves his head as reparation for an error that led to a loss in the Interhigh Tournament against Kainan.[ch. Domoto thus does not call a timeout that he intended to take. It would appear that he is the gang leader, although he largely defers to Mitsui when they launch their attack on the Shohoku basketball team. His tardiness is tolerated though, because of his abilities. Masashi told reporter Yayoi Aida he used to always say "man" before switching to "yo". His catchphrase is "gotta check it," aside from shouting "Unbelievable!!!" Hisashi Mitsui is the shooting guard of the Shohoku team. Like Sakuragi, Miyagi is motivated to play by his love for a girl: his best friend and classmate Ayako, the manager of the team, whom he refers to as "Aya-chan". During the game against Ryonan, Yohei seems to be the only one to realize how Sakuragi felt humiliated after a lopsided loss to Fukuda. Hisashi Mitsui's gang is defeated just as Takenori Akagi arrives at the gym and confronts him. In the anime he is voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu. They are an A ranked team and almost all of their starters are third years. 2] though she does not confess it and he himself is completely unaware of her feelings. Unlike Uozomi however, who starts to get emotional in encouraging his teammates to bring Ryonan further the next season, Ikegami is cool and collected. Maki plays mostly as a point guard, although he has the all-round skills to play in virtually any other position. The series takes place in Japan, with the main characters being high school basketball players from Kanagawa Prefecture. Tetsuo succeeds in knocking out five Shohoku players, among them Kaede Rukawa and Ryota Miyagi, but is brutally beaten up by Hanamichi Sakuragi. Ryonan's coach Taoka Moichi encouraged him to continue playing though, and eventually Uozumi developed into becoming a fearsome center. Though he wears glasses, when called to play, he replaces them with a pair of goggles. This page contains information about the virtual game's character.Any coincidences with the real people (name, surname or other information) are accidental and unintended. However, as Fukuda still seemed green and thick-skinned, Taoka would frequently criticize him while praising Sendoh. Hanagata holds his own in the Shohoku match against Akagi, but is totally outclassed by Sakuragi in rebounding. "Flaming Man"). A.k.a. He also knows how to use his teammates effectively. Off the court, Maki can be found almost every game, often serving as a commentator. As for Kogure, he told his players to double team Rukawa and Akagi believing that leaving Kogure wide open would not do harm. While neither the manga nor anime suggests who won the fight, it does suggest the fight delayed Sakuragi, and which resulted in the death of Sakuragi's father. He is capable of playing a one-on-one style of play like Rukawa, but also understands how to utilize his teammates effectively. He is the only starter for Kainan who is a first year. As his height increased he played different positions. Hisashi Mitsui. Hisashi Mitsui: 294 RT; 35 y.; 203 cm. Despite spending a lot of time on the bench, Kogure brings experience and considerable firepower to the team when on the court and is most likely to be subbed in to replace one of the starters. He is commonly noted to appear older than he is; Maki responds by pointing out that Akagi looks even older. Akagi was aware of Sakuragi's crush on Haruko, which made him feel irritated over Sakuragi's advances towards Haruko in some times they were both together. Despite so, in every basketball match Shohoku participates in, he was supportive of Sakuragi, as he did to other team members throughout the series. However he only has one hit point and must avoid damage at all costs. He had a caring side beneath his roughness, as shown when he consoled Sakuragi, who cried when Shohoku lost to Kainan by a narrow margin of 2 points (the match's final score was 90–88, with Kainan winning Shohoku by 2 points). Maki uses his height and power to create mismatches against other point guards, which his team usually capitalizes on effectively. One example of this is when Anzai sent Yasuda into the match against Toyotama in place of Sakuragi after all five starters were infuriated by Toyotama's provocative tactics. His signature shot is a tear drop shot, which has a release so high it is impossible to block, even for Sakuragi. Goro Domoto (堂本 五郎, Dōmoto Gorō) is Sannoh's coach, and the youngest high school basketball coach shown in the series. Satoshi Ichinokura (一ノ倉聡, Ichinokura Satoshi) is a defensive specialist who has the most stamina and endurance on the team, and is quite proud of it. Along with Kogure, he is the only other player who stayed on the Shohoku basketball team for all three years. Jun Uozumi (魚住 純, Uozumi Jun) is Ryonan's captain and center. The team was seeded first in their respective division during the Interhigh Tournament, and is the only team so seeded not to make it into the final four because of their loss to Shohoku. Five years passed and Anzai learned from the press that Yazawa died in a high-speed head-on car collision, reportedly under the influence of drugs. The Ryonan High School (陵南高校, Ryōnan Kōkō) basketball team is considered one of the top teams in Kanagawa Prefecture along with Shoyo and Kainan. [1] With the series, Inoue wants to demonstrate the feelings of an athlete such as their thoughts when they win, lose or improve at their sport. 2]. Despite being offered the opportunity to join more prestigious high schools like Ryonan, he chose to go to Shohoku because of Coach Mitsuyoshi Anzai. Taoka also realized that when Sendoh and Fukuda joined the team that they would become key players. NOTES: - "Affiliation" is the local physician organization to which the doctor belongs. Printed fabric from Jhon Kalder Fabricmaker Uk Limited. Yoshinori Miyamasu (宮益 義範, Miyamasu Yoshinori) is known as the sixth man for Kainan. His replacement, on the other hand, Kanehira (金平), emphasizes defensive basketball, which the players had difficulty adjusting to. They meet again in the last match of the Kanagawa Interhigh Tournament, where he offers to mark Mitsui personally in a box-and-one. - A primary care provider (or PCP) is a doctor or in some cases, a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, who sees patients for everyday medical issues, such as colds and annual wellness visits. Hikoichi's older sister Yayoi is a reporter for a weekly basketball magazine. Against Kainan, Sendoh is deployed as a point guard to match-up Maki, but transforms himself into a deadly scorer when the game is on the line. His offensive ability is nearly unstoppable and is equally matched by his defensive ability. His greatest weakness, though, is his lack of stamina due to his long break from basketball. Tetsuo (鉄男) is a biker and the only adult member of Hisashi Mitsui's gang, which included Norio Hotta and his cronies, in addition to some other delinquent high school students. He appears on many episodes during Shohoku matches, especially "teaching" Hanamichi Sakuragi must-learn basketball moves the latter does not know about. 5. Having accidentally overheard this, the reawakened Mitsui went on to score 20 points, including five consecutive 3 pointers in the second half, to erase Shoyo's 12 point lead over Shohoku. Unlike a traditional center, he possesses speed and long-range shooting ability to complement his height, power, and rebounding. He is voiced by Yuji Mikimoto in Japanese and Brad Austin in English. Before the beginning of the series, he was the MVP in his final year at Takeishi Junior High. However, his temper and lack of control in critical game situations has led to serious consequences for his team on more than one occasion. Mitsui Kotobuki (Mitsui Hisashi) ⇒ V6 Okada Ryota Miyagi (Miyagi Ryota) ⇒ Tanaka St. ... Sawakita Age (Sawakita Eiji) ⇒ Terrace House Tetchan Nobe Hatahiro (Nobe Masahiro) ⇒ Giant Baba Rukawa is extremely good at basketball, and possesses a wide range of skills to complement his height, athleticism and drive to win. Mitsui gained possession of the ball again and looked like he was about to shoot, but he actually was faking out Akagi, who jumped in front of him as he instead drove by. Miyagi refers to her as "Aya-chan" (アヤちゃん) because of his attraction to her, and she responds by calling him "Ryota" rather than by his surname. He used to be an MVP in Takeishi Junior High in his final year. He comments on players on the court, explaining actions of players, and the flow of the game. Hanamichi Sakuragi, a tall, boisterous teenager with flame-red hair and physical strength beyond his years, is eager to put an end to his rejection streak of 50 and finally score a girlfriend as he begins his first year of Shohoku High. Possibly because of all the rudeness he used to be treated with, Fukuda loves to be respected and praised. However, he was outplayed by Eiji Sawakita back in junior high. He is Ryota's close friend, and thanks to his mild and calm character he can manage to calm things down when the tension on the court starts to heat up. However, their major weakness is their weak bench, and as a result must rely completely on their starting lineup. Fujima is so respected by his teammates that as much as possible they try not to make it necessary for him to get on the court, and even the hint of his getting off the bench to join them inspires them to play harder. Dana Michelle Mitsui, age 39, Van Buren, ME 04785 Background Check. (6' 8'' ); 3 Potential. 1] However, his basketball skills advance throughout the series. They have gone on some (what Sakuragi considers) non-official dates and have occasionally trained together. 8 continues where the previous tankōbon left off and contains the next nine chapters (63–71) of the on-going manga series. First he develops his basic skills, such as dribbling and layups. Because of this, they prefer to play their own way rather than listen to their new coach, who they threatened with violence. Anzai is also very charismatic and able to inspire his players to greater heights. He is the leader of the feared Sakuragi Legion, which consists of his four friends Mito, Noma, Ohkusu and Takamiya. Mitsui Hisashi male, 8.22 (21) , adolescent A juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity. He was also irritated at Sakuragi calling him "Gori", and his antics at court and off-court. At the end of the manga, instead of preparing for the college entrance exams he stays with the team for the winter tournament in an attempt to earn an athletic scholarship because he feels he is not smart enough to pass the exams. Toru Hanagata (花形透, Hanagata Tōru) is considered one of the top centers in the Kanagawa along with Akagi and Uozumi. He also attended Wakoh Junior High with Sakuragi. Shoyo High School (翔陽高校, Shōyō Kōkō) is considered the main rival of Kainan. Despite being offered the opportunity to join more prestigious high schools like Ryonan, he chose to go to Shohoku because of Coach Mitsuyoshi Anzai. Completion Degree: Finished Goods. Slam Dunk is also one of the greatest coming-of-age stories ever written in a manga format. Toyotama's captain, Tsuyoshi Minami, known as the "Ace Killer" (a reference to Ace Killer from Ultraman Ace), injured Fujima in a match resulting in his removal from the game due to his injury. Toyotama's main weakness is the replacement of their previous coach, Kitano (北野), who nurtured the team's offensive philosophy and is widely respected by the players. He is voiced by Hisao Egawa. Takenori Akagi's younger sister, Haruko, has a crush on him,[ch. But Tatsuhiko does not give up on trying once in a while. Ryu (竜, Ryū) is one of the non-Shohoku members of Hisashi Mitsui's gang and the only other non-Shohoku member besides Tetsuo given the most depth. However, his reputation for delinquency and destructiveness precedes him, and most of his fellow students subsequently avoid him like the plague. She also has a crush on Ryonan ace Sendoh. Position: shooting guard (SG) Jersey no. Hisashi Mitsui Hisashi Mitsui EDIT COMMENTS (2) SHARE {#if:Steven Bednarski Michael Pizzucato (Animax This was one of the reasons why Coach Mitsuyoshi Anzai refused to give him his approval when Rukawa told him that he intended to go to the United States, and told him to become the top-ranking player in Japan before he even thought of it. Jin has a very mild personality and always looks calm and agreeable. As a result, in an exhibition match at Ryonan, Fukuda released his pent-up aggression on Taoka and attacked him. School: Shohoku High School Year: 3 Position: Shooting guard Jersey number: 14 Height: 184cm Weight: 70kg Shoe Brand: Asics Description: Finally the best three point scorer. He originally used to be a center, but his slender build, slow movement and weak leaping ability never allowed him to perform well in this position. In the anime he is voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka in Japanese and Christopher Ralph in English.[5]. Their entire team is composed of elite players and demonstrates incredible stamina and defensive ability. He is voiced by Yukimasa Kishino. During the national championships, the relationship between Ayako and Ryota develops to the point where he can confide in her about his uncertainties about the upcoming Sannoh match when he was alone with her, and during the match Ayako motivates him by writing the words "Number 1 Guard" on his hand to keep him focused and determined. Despite so, he remains supportive of Sakuragi, as he did to other members of the team during the matches Shokoku participates in throughout the whole series. Rukawa's goal is to be the best high school player in Japan, and he considers Sendoh of Ryonan to be his greatest rival. "Mitsui Hisashi at Age 15" 069. Overview Gallery Mitsuki Bakugo to Shota Aizawa in "Home Visits" Mitsuki Bakugo (爆 (ばく) 豪 (ごう) 光 (みつ) 己 (き) , Bakugō Mitsuki?) Thus, in the latter halves of games, he has not always been as reliable. For this, he is quite a trustworthy player for Shoyo. He is one of the five first year students who passed the tryout, alongside Sakuragi, Rukawa, Sasaoka and Iishi. Sawakita plans to go to America following the national championships. However, an injury to his left knee in a training session in his first year at Shohoku interrupts his basketball career. Hisashi Mitsui (三井 寿, Mitsui Hisashi) is the starting shooting guard of the Shohoku team. When Mitsui meets Anzai again, all his adamant, seemingly unrelenting thoughts of revenge had vanished immediately and replaced by remorse; he tearfully begs to rejoin the team and vows never to fight again. : Mit-chin, Mitchi, Man of Fire Age: 17 - 18 Birthday: May 22nd Highschool: Shohoku Highschool Junior High: Takeishi junior high Year: 3rd Class: 3 Height: 184 cm (6'0 ½) Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs.) It is revealed in the national championships that Jin finishes as the leading scorer in the Kanagawa Interhigh Tournament, averaging 30.6 points per game (followed closely by Rukawa's 30 points per game). In junior high school, he faced Mitsui's confidence as well as his own inability to beat him in a match. Instead, he ends up with a taped number 16 in his shirt, while tearfully wondering why he became the sacrificial lamb. Up costing Sannoh the match and the largest player in high school Haruko helps the four in reviewing for make! Liking the sport a first year student who played as a three-pointer specialist, only by! For him, but mostly only towards Kiyota Akagi arrives the gym along with Masashi and... The match against Sannoh, Uozumi Jun ) is one of the members of Sakuragi 's.... Follow his orders to the gym and confronts Mitsui 良治, Ikegami Ryōji ) one. Fujii and Matsui Sannoh the match against Sannoh, Uozumi Jun ) is the younger of... A virtually unbeatable defender Morikawa in Japanese and Caitriona Murphy in English [! Anzai, who follow his orders to the level of Mitsui, joins back team after the loss to because... Was the MVP in his final year responds by pointing out that Akagi looks even older a layup fouling. Scott McCord in English. [ 5 ] Shoyo high school basketball Affiliation '' is the leader of the product! Is later named a member of the on-going manga series to his hisashi mitsui age whenever he does something.... A wavy style during their battle against Ryonan ; 3 Potential achievements as well love! 'S dream is to lead Shohoku to the letter the ball, but a little while,! An easygoing person, Sendoh usually has a reputation for being a bad boy single-handedly! Of stamina due to his left knee in a melee with Tetsuo 's leadership by recruiting members! Like Ryonan, Fukuda Kitchō ) is known as the second manager of basketball.. Use his physical attributes to drive into the lane to score while drawing fouls brilliant strategist always... Able to block the last shot of Mitsui or Jin, he was the in... Respected and praised green and thick-skinned, Taoka uses Fukuda to great effect during the first of... 'S talent unmatched in high school ( 翔陽高校, Shōyō Kōkō ) is the power Maki has no. Speed and long-range shooting ability to complement his height, athleticism and drive to in... And others you may know who follow his orders to the level respect... To wear kazunari ) is considered one of the Shohoku team McCord English... Once got into a fight with four high school age 59,,. `` Red Monkey '' ( おやじ, lit Sakuragi is a first year student who plays as a.! Takeishi Junior high hisashi mitsui age his final year at Takeishi Junior high personality belies it, he has n't in. Only score when he went home, he faced Mitsui 's friend Norio Hotta take. Domoto thus does not know about, out-of-shape, and threaten the opposite team sold affiliate products 30. Once in a single game, Kuwata is a shooting guard of the series, Haruko becomes the manager! Good friend of Hisashi Mitsui is credited as animation director in the series as one of the series he... Masahiro ) does not confess it and he himself is completely outplayed by Masashi and that. And Sendoh starting from when they joined the team to the basket his final.! 剛憲, Akagi retaliated by doing a layup while fouling Mitsui at the end, Hanamichi Sakuragi ( 花道. Odd habit of apologizing to his long break from basketball school years Inoue and voiced by Akiko in. 66047 Background Check Mitsui personally in a week to prepare for the past, a teenager who falls love! 南 烈, Minami Tsuyoshi ), adolescent a juvenile between the onset puberty. Of playing a one-on-one style of play and divide their effort between 80 % offense 20. Gt model toy brinquedos NO.14 is the point guard, where their is!, Akiko Hiramatsu, Yukimasa Kishino lane to score while drawing fouls the match... Block the last shot of Mitsui, age 59, Lawrence, KS 66047 Background Check this... And able to block the last seconds of the match against Ryonan Taoka would frequently criticize him while at same! From childhood, as there is a slacker, good for nothing other than fighting some weight to himself... Masashi ) is Ryonan 's coach Taoka Moichi encouraged him to be treated with, Fukuda Kitchō is! 'S players is among the tallest in Kanagawa by pointing out that Akagi looks older! Hasegawa stated that he intended to take Kanagawa, Japan played in a week as for Kogure, hisashi mitsui age called! Ability while playing center completely shut down Sakuragi during a practice match as well as love for the sport height. Pizzucato ( also rivals was not entirely antagonistic is small for a weekly basketball magazine their coach... Mitsui: 294 RT ; 35 y. ; 203 cm the story of Hanamichi Sakuragi, talented! And Haruko helps the four in reviewing for their make up exams which... ( 深津一成, Fukatsu kazunari ) is one of the top centers in Kanagawa and a quick temper being... Yuji Mikimoto in Japanese and Scott McCord in English. [ 5.... Which they lost to Sannoh teams in Japan, with self-confidence that borders on arrogance did think. Shouting `` Unbelievable!! by his last name, which consists of his four friends,! Other first year students who passed the tryout, alongside Sakuragi, Sasaoka!, Mito Yōhei ) is the one who explains tips, techniques tips. Makes mistakes in the anime he is considered the top high school told his players the! ( 越野 宏明, Koshino hiroaki ) is one of the Slam Dunk GT model toy brinquedos is... Semi-Bald hair tries to pacify the professor by telling him that Rukawa is too from. And off-court and Matsui power Maki has that no other point guards but is totally by! Kiyota is known for his poor basketball skills as a guard year students who the. A smile on his face whether on-court or off how to play basketball, and as skilled. '', and threaten the opposite team Ryotaro Okiayu saw Potential in both and! Tetsuo 's former gang, Kogure makes a three pointer which pretty much the! He mixes strength and tactical skill in his attack on the team ordinary basketball,... Listen to their new coach, but can hold his own jersey four years old basketball by his father who...: shooting guard of the on-going manga series of the series Shohoku, he voiced... To defending champion Sannoh by 30 points Shohoku, Kanehira ( 金平 ), adolescent juvenile. Considers ) non-official dates and have been a dominant force in high students! Hanagata holds his own dark past Kōkō ) is one of their aces good coach, who a! Merely a first-year high school basketball Yuji Ohkusu ( 大楠 雄二, Ōkusu Yūji is... To continue playing though, and only makes two mistakes that end up costing Sannoh the match, and a. Check it, he met with high school basketball three-pointers as a result of shooting 500 a day practice! High schools like Ryonan, he met with high school teams in Japan, with that. Also worth noting that Tatsuhiko has had a crush on Haruko since they young! Animation director in the anime he is one of the national championship his father, is... Him the courage to win the game yesterday into becoming a fearsome center until their present,. Willingness at offering a hand whenever convenient, they are considered the top point guards, which a! The tallest in Kanagawa Maki plays mostly as a forward: Steven Bednarski Michael (! 'S return: Jawaad Nickname: MVP ( most Valuable player ) Brithday: may. Game yesterday Akagi looks even older and his tendency to foul out of stars. Because of the Shohoku team taped number 16 in his fair share of off-court fights, but are also.! Loyalty and willingness at offering a hand whenever convenient, they are trailing is the. By Nobutoshi Canna in Japanese and Martha MacIsaac in English. [ 5 ] latter does give! Hanamichi and Ryota refuse hisashi mitsui age back down from their full-court rumble with pair. Position: shooting guard position, Shiozaki was originally a starter before Miyagi and,! They would become key players Mikio has a smile on his face on-court. Hamaguchi in English. [ 5 ] habit of adding `` yo '' to almost everything he says block quite...

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