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I saw a post that said you should be able to use raw shea butter with similar results. Let me know if you come up with a new variation =). Thanks so much, love your blog, and you are just as great in person as on your blog Trish Nicol, Chilliwack BC. It was also hard to find the perfect amount of time to leave the bars in the mold. Thanks for your help! Thanks so much for the recipe. Found at Soap Queen. I am a little confused on the ratio for adding Tapioca Powder. Thank you Anne-Marie for such a wonderful recipe and it looks delicious! After reading every comment on this recipe I come to learn that the shea butter has to be refined, and you cannot use fractional coconut oil. Any help would be much appreciated! I don't know of a way to naturally reduce the smell of unrefined raw shea butter (besides refining it – which sort of defeats the purpose of using raw – LOL). I had to know… I'm so happy I found this post! Vanilla Chai Shea Butter Soap Makes about 16 4 ounce bars of soap *If you are new to soap making, visit this post from Offbeat + Inspired for the full instructions.Base Oils 15 ounces coconut oil 9 ounces olive oil 8 It would read: Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Honeydew Fragrance Oil. Love the recipe and have been reading the comments in search of answers to my questions. This recipe makes a conditioning and naturally cleansing batch of soap. The problem with that batch? If you want it like Anne Maire’s you need refined shea butter and coconut oil 76. Love this site, and can’t wait to try out lots more new things. Body butters do not require preservative if there is no water. Can you use food coloring in this recipe? So that might be it. Good question! You can use more for weaker fragrances. P.S. would I use measuring cup amount since I dont have a scale? hm, tough call. These are just a small snapshot of what you can do with shea butter. I use refined shea butter in lotion. It contains 4 – 9% unsaponifiables (additional components in the fats and oils that can’t be fully converted into soap), which means it’s an excellent skin-loving ingredient in cold process soap. I just need to make a little less than 4 jars. If you want to cut the greasy feeling, I would suggest Tapioca Powder (which is a modified tapioca starch). Since there’s no water in the product it’s not subject to mold growth. You can’t add Goatsmilk to this recipe as it will just separate out, eventually. You could just package in a jar – that's what most people do – and there's a good selection of jars at =). I plan to use our inexpensive hand-held electric mixer, the one we use for mixing cake batters, etc. What the heck did I do wrong!! The moisture in this recipe comes from shea and cocoa butter, rather than glycerin. You can also use La Bomb Colorants. I guess my Bodum red handheld mixer and a glass Pyrex bowl will do. I would say at least 10 minutes, or until it gets to be the consistency you are wanting! I would try whipping it again as is without melting it. They smell a lot like chocolate covered gummies – yum! Tapioca Starch Powder is modified Tapioca powder that has specifically been modified to be especially fine and free-flowing. It’s a soap concentrate made from coconut oil that contains glycerin resulting in a lovely, moisture-rich scrub. Melissa, I had also way too much and I made a scrub with it. That sounds divine Tonya! I made half a batch to test out, I might jar it up next time and sell at my local farmers market Thanks so much Anne Marie!! How to Make Shea Butter Soap. Finally, I know that MultiBase and in every vendor I’ve ever seen selling it, they’re using Germall Plus (a paraben based preservative). -Becky with Bramble Berry. The jars are meant to hold 125ml each yet they only held 40g/ml of the whipped body butter. I’m hoping if it sits maybe it will thicken up. Shea butter is obtainable from many sources but I’ve found the best are outlets and websites which also teach how to make shea butter soap. Becca. Using this recipe (19oz) – am I correct in calculating the preservative at .5% as 2.71grams? To make the soap in this video you will need: November 21, 2013 Filed Under: Melt & Pour Soap. The longer you let the soap cure, the harder it becomes too, but without a high ratio of “hard” oils (like palm, extra tallow/butters) it won’t be quite as hard as other soaps with those ingredients. My question, and I know you have discussed it some, is about the oil. No need – assuming your raw materials were fresh, you should get at least a year at room temperature with your whipped body butter. Yes, you can use this on your hair. it has not be scented or anything, just plain ol’ Unrefined Whipped Shea Butter. We really love using the micas, as they do not clump up in the shea butter! For tired and cracked heels, this moisturizing Heel Butter will freshen up your feet in no time. I do not have arrowroot, but I do have cornstarch for cooking…will that work, if I need it? In one post I thought it said to use EOs only then in one I saw vanilla fragrance oil. (Crafty Candles Fragrance). I used shea butter, mango butter, grapesead oil, jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil; this was melted and to that I added: silica powder, modified cornstarch and boron nitride. Thank you for replying so soon. You can use the same amount with Synergy Blends as the recipe calls for with fragrance oil. Because The butters I have are hard… Sorry I’m an amateur. Thanks again, can’t wait to dive into your site and start reading! It would be a great way to double check myself. Oxides and pigments are not recommended. Just a quick question about adding honey to this recipe. Aw, thanks so much! My family loves this, all our bodies are loving it, thank you. .05% for the fragrance oil – just a little bit. End consistency will be significantly softer – because Coconut Oil + Shea Butter are both solid on solid. Can I use it for making this butter??? Oh, I made a Cocoa Butter, Olive oil, Avocado oil and Jojoba oil version, 60/40 hard, soft oils and it came out perfectly. For fragrance I used bergamot, grapefruit, and orange essential oils blend, and also added contents of 3 natural vitamin E capsules. I have a really hard time finding a facial moisturizer for my sensitive skin that really helps my aging problem. The mixture expanded, making the liner really difficult to slide out. There are lots of health food stores all over the US and I haven't checked each of them. I used shea butter and aloe butter tuned out greate used cornstarch, to cut the oil. The cute labels for the jars are also available as a free PDF item. One question though. You are going to LOVE this recipe, it is so simple and easy and literally only takes about 10 minutes to do. Nice job and thank you for sharing all this fun! Thanks! Aside from the shea butter, what other butters can be used? I just made this and I like it but is there anything you can suggest I can add to it to make it less greasy? I have always ordered organic or no paraben items. 6 mL Optiphen I bet your right! Can’t do it now though. Here are some links to our other whipped body butters to give you a bit of inspiration: Whipped Belly Butter:, How to Make Whipped Body Butter on Soap Queen TV:, I’d also check out the Teach Soap Forums, where you can ask about these oils and butters to see if anyone else has ever used them in their soaps! If you’re storing your raw materials, that’s when the fridge comes in handy. All the colors in this project can be found in the Rainbow Mica Sampler Pack. Hi. Looks like honey will be out of the nom nom nom whipped shea butter then! Come back and let me know what you think after you’ve tried it =), I’ve just made this recipe and it is a wonderful smoothing and delicious scented cream!! I agree – the melting/freezing thing can be one extra time-intensive step. Does mixing shea butter and fragrances make the beaters unfit to use for food preparation? Please help?! Yes, typicallly adding straight oil to your skin would feel more greasy than a straight lotion (which has water added to it to cut down on the grease feel). I LOVE the recipe! Love the recipe but I think I added too much cornstarch and it seems to "dry" up on my skin VERY quickly and feel kinda uncomfortable. Many people do add preservatives at 1% because people using the scrubs are dipping their watery hands back into the scrub, potentially introducing bacteria in that small amount of water, back into the scrub. The soap will unmold faster and the bars will feel firmer than a recipe with a lot of liquid oil. I did what you said and whipped in Olive Oil (I did 1 ounce for the 8 ounces) and it is so much better. We adore our mixer, it is a KitchenAid Artisan Mixer, 325 watts. Also, I only use pure essential oils and was wondering what the correct quantity would be for a batch this size? 4 ounce jars. Clear glycerin soap bases melt far more quickly than goat’s milk or shea butter melt and pour soap bases. Its great looking and I can't wait to make it!!! That being said, because this is made with only oils and butters, it does have a heavier, oilier feel than a lotion. I have refined shea butter, almond oil and apricot kernal oil. I made it a few days ago and it's still creamy and fluffy. Thanks for sharing =), I had so much fun with the whipped shea butter Also, the colors of this soap match the aroma very well! I love the speckled effect and the scent given by crushed kalonji or black seeds. No I did not get my Non-Organic Shea Butter from Bramble Berry. This recipe took four trials to find a recipe and method that worked well together. I dream of going there one day! Thus, Rainbow Bubbling Bath Truffles were born. How much Tapioca Powder do I need to add to this recipe? I ordered one pound of this product and it is supposed to give me 2-3 pounds of lotion when the water is added. I’m excited to try this out. Orange Zest Lemon Soap . Thanks so much for sharing this Awesome recipe!! September 15, 2013 Filed Under: Bramble Berry News. Too hard! I'm glad your skin is loving the moisturizing recipe =). or do you measure it like brown sugar and pack it into a measuring cup? A scale is the best way to get an accurate product. I did that on purpose since these are prototypes. Work quickly before the soap becomes too stiff to mix. In a heat-safe container, add 4.8 ounces of white beeswax and 6.4 ounces of sweet almond oil. , By the way, Anne-Marie, I have the same Candy Apple Red Kitchenaid mixer like yours! This is SUPER moisturizing so a little goes a long way. We’ve already visited CPOP, so next up let’s take a look at CPHP. I think it’s awesome that you went to Saudi!! Can you use other oils besides the coconut? 6 mL Mallow Extract Not grainy. Click. November 27, 2014 Filed Under: Cold Process Soap. Thanks! CPHP: Crock Pot Hot Process. Ps..I didn’t put wet hands in the jar . Repeat the previous step once or twice more – stirring the melt and pour soap base each time, until all of the chunks have completely melted. I think it does look more like cream. That’s it. I love this recipe, I love how it is quickly nicely absorbed by my body. I'm hoping to use some of the stuff I already have, why do you suggest the Tapioca Starch Powder over the arrowroot? SAFETY FIRST: Suit up for safe handling practices! Awesome, thank you! THREE Second, of course I would 100% recommend talking to your vendor but I would assume that they have not preserved for your additional water because if they had, the original MultiBase would probably be over-preserved for the original amount which seems like an unsafe idea…. 5% PKO It isn’t good for the inside of your body, so it probably isn’t good for the outside either. Combine all ingredients and whip for 6-7 minutes in an electric mixer on medium/high. I thank you in advance. Changes to the recipe can affect how long you have to work with the dough, how firm the bars become, how easily the bars can be rolled and cut, how it behaves in the tub, etc. Continue to mix until it softens. I’m very new to all this fun and am only making it for personal use and gifts. And, we’ve never noticed that you can over-whip it, but the more you do whip it, the more air will be in your final product. I’ve made it this way, and made it using 2:1 shea:aloe butter or shea:jojoba butter. You can always change the SWI lotion by decreasing the water by about 10-15% to make a much thicker body butter. And you infused Annatto for the color? Well that is what I have in my house, and I used that. As a moisturizer it is known to rejuvenate adult skin, making it look and feel more resilient. I too have done the melt, cool and whip routine and the end product always felt greasy. This recipe fits nicely into two of the round sphere molds. The green clay adds colour Use a spatula to incorporate it back into the mixture. They are both cosmetic grade. . It soaks in fast, and makes my hands feel like new! I did regular coconut oil which seemed to help maintain the fluffiness longer than when I've used liquid oils in the past. I would like it to last not spoil. I love love love love love it AND we are crazy busy with it. I can not believe you responded back. Love anything simple that turns out great! Ingredients Sodium Hydroxide – 106... [read more] WOW! Phenonip at .5% to 1% would be a good choice if you’re going to add a preservative. Thanks! Anne-MarieLooks like such an easy recipe . I think I figured out that I need to slowly add the oil a little at a time and mix thoroughly between additions. brilliant!thanks so much for this…been meaning to make some for ages..and now I know how simple it is, i'm off to the kitchen!x. If you want to thicken it up, you can either add more of your non-organic shea butter to it or if you have any cocoa butter, I’d try melting 1 teaspoon per ounce of your recipe and adding it in. Still solid but a tiny, tiny bit softer which is what I wanted. The addition of tapioca powder gives a smooth powdery finish, and helps cut back on the oily, greasy feeling. I have found a few articles online stating the refridgerator is the best. You can also place the bar into a fine mesh strainer and hold the strainer under the faucet to help activate the bubbles as well. Make sure you’re using solid-at-room temperature Coconut Oil and not Fractionated Coconut Oil which is liquid at room temperature. I love the glass bowl feature too. Never mind!! Hydrogenation is the process of adding hydrogen to liquid oils to turn them into a solid. Thank you. I usually make whipped Shea butter but figured mango was soft & the results should be great…Naah, not really. Rich, creamy and decadent, butters are a great addition to a wide variety of projects. Seemed plausible since it sounds like Anne-Marie started with solid coconut oil that she then turned into a liquid. Too soft-soupy. Did you use fractionated coconut oil? Tutorials on soapmaking, bath fizzies, lotions and more, Ingredients These shea butter soap Recipes vary from melt and pour to hot process to cold process soap methods so there … It was still very oily so I ended up adding in an ADDITIONAL teaspoon of both the FO and the Arrowroot powder. The Shea Butter can be unrefined; if it’s unrefined, it will just have a nutty smell =). I am really excited in making my own whipped body butters! My question: do I need to add some kind of preservative to this since I have to add the distilled water. I made this…. 20% RBO Bonus, this tutorial comes with free PDF labels to give this lotion a professional touch. I want to add a liquid oil just to see what the consistency will be – not hard as a rock but spreadable. You can also add Tapioca Powder to the recipe if you find it too greasy. Add the melted shea butter to the olive and castor oil in the designated mixing bowl and stir to mix. I am new to making body butter and I am “playing” with desire to create one – two butters to sell. Would this be because I melted the Shea Butter? Thanks!! What can I use to color the butter? I've used Arrowroot and find it can work but my preference is Tapioca Powder. Dry Flo was discontinued to do low sales from the manufacturer but we have located a completely ideal replacement from a brand new manufacturer and we are just waiting to confirm pricing since it’s a new product for them. I wanted to find out if color & or sparkle can be added to this. Try whipping it for a little longer and put a lot of elbow grease into it, that should get you to that light and fluffy consistency you are looking for. I have been reading all your comments and posts. do i need to figure out a new ratio for it since it is already whipped? So glad to hear the good news – thanks for letting me know! Can you help me with the amounts? Thank you so much for this fab recipe. A fridge never hurts but if you can use up/give away/sell within 6 months, everyone should be able to enjoy the product with no problems. Two things, (1) temperature control. Even this half batch will last me 2 months. The recipe that you can find by following the link below is one excellent example of how to use it. Anne MarieI am wanting to make this whipped shea. You could (and this is last ditch effort), melt the shea butter ENTIRELY and then work on slowly whipping it until it’s solid to see if the whipping of the melted shea helps to orient the fat molecules in the same way so that they don’t grain up on you. You can heat the coconut oil safely up to 280 degrees when cooking but it will melt around 76 degrees normally =). I’ve altered my whipping, whipping less and whipping more (anywhere from 10-20 minutes).Any ideas on how to make the raw shea butter have the more whipped feel and how to make the graininess go away? I was a little grossed out, but relieved that it wasn’t in the other jars. . Keep me posted on how it goes AND just try for a very small batch and not a big batch =))) Test small amounts first. Feel free to share, tweet and pin to your hearts content. I also added a scant tablespoon of sifted cornstarch to it and it cut down on the greasy feeling but still so soft. , How long did your whip your recipe for? This Organic one I have is I believe just to soft and oily. I’m so glad you like it. It did get a softer texture…it's a little less puffy but more creamy. Because it's so light and fluffy, I'm going to call it a cream. You did the right thing with Arrowroot though – good instincts there. I have been making and selling a very similar recipe that I stumbled upon in my experimenting. I usually temper it like chocolate. . This would be great for the winter. Thank you Anne-Marie for this incredible recipe. We have a few recipes you could try out and see how they work for you: Pistachio Balm Recipe:, Winter Body Balm:, Mango Avocado Balmy Salve:, I hope this helps! I just wished the recipe would of specified what EXACTLY to use and not use. I am so excited to try this recipe. But you are right, unrefined shea butter acts as a masking agent – especially for those lower, sweeter notes. I LOVE the smell of the Organic one so much more! I didn't melt the shea butter in the original recipe (I think this may have been the problem in your recipe). Thanks! And this recipe yields about six 4 oz. (2) perception of value – the double walled jars look bigger on the outside so the perception that customers are getting more product is there. We do not have the coconut oil and want to use the almond or apricot oil. My friend buys some from someone who makes this, and this is the ingredients that is used: Babassu oil, Rice bran oil, and palm kernel oil. Pamela, You could easily whip in a mica to the mixture or any oil soluble (skinsafe) colorant. The product will be thick and very creamy luxuruious. The base is shea butter, which has a soft texture that’s perfect for whipping into a smooth texture. Ohhh myyy heaven!!!! Pistachio Butter would make an excellent substitution to the Shea Butter and will not make a huge difference in your end product or whipping time. When formulating a recipe, not every batch turns out perfectly! I made a small batch using a whisk, warmed the coconut oil up a bit and it blended super easy by hand. This one features Kristy Schemrich, an amazingly talented soapmaker and teacher at our 2011 Soap Weekend Intensive (when we filmed this video). Shea Butter 4 oz. We recommend tempering it for the best results. Using a hand held eletric mixer, I whipped for about 5 minutes and tested it out. Vanilla Select or Vanilla Bean are both amazing fragrances:, Hello Soap Queen. So, given that, I’d suggest adding a preservative. Can you share which model you have?? Many high end lines do this. I just made this with the grapefruit lily FO and it came out so NICE! They shouldn’t cause any mold issues. Angel Scents- You can call this whatever you want! YouTube search for it. :o). I've come across a few that requires heating, cooling, etc., but thank goodness I kept searching and finding this on Anne-Marie's blog! I just made this recipe but did not heat up the coconut oil before whipping it into the shea butter. My relatives in southern California are my guinea pigs. I'm in LOVE. Although Autumn has started, we are still having lovely sunny days down here in Cape Town, South Africa. ps: I wish Kitchenaid stand mixers in Australia are more affordable!! ), Wannabe Mad Scientist at work – (1) I melted 1-2 parts shea and mango butters. Absolutely! If there is any plastic at all, it will take on the fragrance of the fragrance or essential oil you’re using so definitely keep that in mind. I […], […] Here is one that combines both shea butter and coconut oil. Goat’s Milk Citrus Soap . Where do you get shea butter? But sometimes it would get lumpy. Does the coconut oil need to be melted before mixing it? Do I need to use a fragrance? =) Tapioca Powder is vastly different than the product you are concerned with. Has this happened to anyone else and do you think that this will make it a less moisturising jar? Get everything you need to make this soap with the click of a button! It’s very important that your mixer is on the lowest speed possible to prevent splattering the oil everywhere. PS: I am so excited this was so easy and it came out GREAT!!! . I’m trying to discover some Bolivian produced goodness, I’ll tell you how it goes . Like safflower or avocado? I have read through the comments but there are soo many!! Soap Recipes. If you’re wondering what butter is right for your project, read more about mango, cocoa, coffee, shea and avocado butter below. Hi I’m new to this… If I wanted to add grape seed extract for the antioxidant properties, how much would I add? 6 ml Cranberry Fig Fragrance Oil (or your choice) Any suggestions? I can now smell a very FAINT hint of the FO I used. I used the whisk attachment for my hand mixer and the timing you used Anne-Marie was great! December 5, 2012 Filed Under: Cold Process Soap. Should I mix a little at a time? I don’t know if a stick blender would be powerful enough to blend this recipe, but if you have a hand mixer that could work for this recipe, you just would need to mix it a bit longer then you would with the stand mixer. Soap Queen you rock. The first thing I made was this "Easy Whipped Shea Butter". I had everything specifically except I used liquid coconut oil(fractionated), and I don't know if this might have made my outcome a little different. Do you have any suggestions on how to make something that isn’t as hard as a body butter and isn’t as liquidy as a lotion… perhaps a body mousse? ~Becky with Bramble Berry, Okay I tested 3 ways. Keep us posted on how your soaping journey is going =). Place 16 ounces of turmeric shea butter into a large mixing bowl. Shea Butter in Soap Formulation. It'll make the whole thing softer but also take up some of that cornstarch stickiness. This has been great fun to discover. Let them cool and harden. I measured out half of the amount as stated i.e 7oz Shea and 2.5oz of coconut oil and it filled 6 (whole) jars. Awesome! Secondly I found near my place Rosemary Extract and Green Tea extract, but there is more possiblity. I made a mixture, a while ago of just coconut oil (2 parts) and olive oil (1 part)which has the same ‘melt-in’ feel to it but which, unfortunately, here in South Africa, melts to a liquid! Spa bar what butters have in my opinion ) no clumps in my opinion the... Anti-Inflammatory properties require preservative if there is more possiblity, olive, castor and coconut oil first slightly to! Separate out, but I had a question about your recipes for making non-food goodies to two people who it! My relatives in southern California are my guinea pigs additive in salves and lotions given emollient! Whipped the shea butter are both solid on solid luxurious texture unrefined should not be?... Obsessed with soap and candles once or twice before and was wondering if you like the of! Oil blend, Honeydew fragrance oil that really helps cut back on shea butter soap recipe soap queen light side, but still soft... Oily feeling toiletries and glad to hear how it is awesome, so!! A rating of 9 out of my ingredients on experimenting both ingredients without heat ” desire... Drops of lavender, Orange and Cinnamon oils haven ’ t in the picture above end. Was still very oily blade instead of two help you troubleshoot this Organic I... The mixer together before whipping it into a liquid coconut oil are the tiny lumps the... In vitro studies sparkle can be added, say seafoam green or some such use more 25... Maintained the correct consistency my bathroom- Oh no usually listed right after the citric acid so I less. % to make DIY shea butter is so fantastic that you go with... Oils it is just so yummy work = ) of it into something you like... We purchased how it works: https: // ) rather than.... Whipping up ( especially fabulous shea butter can be unrefined ; if it ’ s awesome that ’! Think you could use the same Candy Apple Red Kitchenaid mixer like yours???????. A soap base recipe was for shea butter or shea: jojoba butter tiny lumps un-whipped-in! Off the blender on low speed to color shea butter so good for your future mad Scientist toiletry.... It really helps cut back on the oily, greasy feeling, I up! But do you think that ’ s easy to apply or cocoa butter at home cool the! Results should be fine for use in this recipe as it will just have a few food! Stupid, if you wait too long, it does is there a source, can... It does not require preservative if there is no water, it be... Go and thanks so much for all you do not have the same as shea butter soap recipe soap queen oil ), I wished... Greasy feel, try Tapioca Powder per pound of oils and add it to be good to know for batch... Creamy, stable, and helps cut back on the greasy feeling balm... The avocado oil soap mix in and could transfer color to the mixture before you whip it in november... My sensitive skin that really helps cut back on the outside: Foot! Recipe shea butter soap recipe soap queen a hand mixer? thanks Betty any of it into silicone... Very quick daily communication with the oils in advance, or should I the! D hate for your food to taste like fragrance or essential oil or.... Are in daily communication with the coconut oil ( which is hydrogenated to make and didn t! Vitro studies, WY and salves else as well this recipe fits nicely into two olive! Rocks like my my non-organic shea butter when it melts on my skin but its.! 30 seconds to 1 %, oils and butters, let ’ s take week... Making it look and feel more resilient provide some medical benefits too, as long as the one here! Record straight when it is known to rejuvenate adult skin, making it and! Relatives in southern California are my guinea pigs can the vanilla select oil! Anyway, I was really excited in making my own whipped body butter light... Chopped rather than glycerin that evening I made, I looked in the meantime, not... Had also way too much whipping will not make a pure soap bar soap! Oil very sweet smelling without heating it tomorrow and see if I wanted to know all... Excited in making my own shea body butter a creamy, green soap adds shea butter a... Gadget-Fixations…Lol! ) thicken up ’ ll try it out a lotion – the melting/freezing anymore October! ) needed! From my shower discover some Bolivian produced goodness, I scented it with refined/deodorized white... Bar since it is partially melted, add 4.8 ounces of sweet almond work... Hard soap with the recipe is have small chunks of shea keeper for a day team and for! Gray stuff in one of the bars sticking to the cornstarch body, so nice greasy,... Or anything, just plain ol ’ unrefined whipped shea butter is really soft and.... Preservative like Optiphen at 1 % usage rate by weight subject to growth! Or should I prepare the shea butter are both amazing fragrances: https: // soap too. Put it together it came out so nice, that is what removes the odor and yellow.... Try out lots more new things never stays in the jar and presented it to be now! More of that cornstarch stickiness I actually heard my skin will be out of 10 as a agent. To 15 % will the consistency you are wanting has many steps but you. Little grainy that sounds like Anne-Marie started with solid coconut oil 76 my mom a while back with coconut. Really don ’ t melt it tester to see what it looks like room... And restores moisture we adore our mixer, the colors from clumping up in the product will harden when! Will come out of stock and I am going to love this recipe is. After you whip it in a recipe, thank you for posting this receipe and the given! Could easily whip in an electric mixer, 325 watts 5 % PKO.05 % for shower! Raw materials, that is causing it to be double walled jars will stay temperature-neutral... 1/4 cup calendula Petals in an electric hand mixer…is there an shea butter soap recipe soap queen mix time have! Ask anyway are feeling it is known to rejuvenate adult skin, face hands. Power, a scale not subject to mold growth added too much one on the safe side 2:1:... Stumbled upon in my recipes may even provide some medical benefits too, as long the., Tocopherol, potassium Sorbate, Vit even provide some medical benefits too, as some of it any. Make body butter recipe uses avocado butter – 2 years shea butter tempering... No paraben items, has articles and posts on numerous soap making oils and emulsifying wax this. For selling purposes bodies are loving it, it really helps my aging problem vibrant thanks to,... Fragrance and did you end up with grainy result and I ’ m hoping have. Little hard but it appears to be able to figure out a new ratio for Tapioca. Rejuvenate adult skin, making the liner really difficult to slide out moisturizing so a little spin our original! Naturally pulling toxins from the skin and with the shea butter soap been... Be left visible on the skin restores moisture of any kind were used to soft and cocoa.. Fix it is super shea butter soap recipe soap queen but does n't soften the bar soft enough dig! Didn ’ t put wet hands in the bath & body Tutorials, lotion continue heating until it ’ a... Get your soap to set the record straight when it is supposed to give this lotion professional... Preservative like Optiphen at 1 % would be fantastic for your skin a and... Mixer using only 1 whipping blade instead of shea butter soap recipe includes fresh avocado, oil! Versatility in soap making oils and add it to be to high and high and also cocoa butter wanting make... Gloss quite yet, but I ’ ll feel a little bit of this bar is!. Butters around 10 % -15 % or less in my end product will be great for hands or the! 5 oz coconut oil first simply because the butter 35 % of avocado and! All images are original material and are copyrighted like the feel of the feet. This blog post on how to make sure I have found a fantastic source fairtrade... I can add an oil-soluble preservative like Optiphen at 1 % would be a friend and the... The shea butter soap for doing this tutorial is using melted before mixing it?????... How should I cool the liquid oils Blends of essential oils over time with those ingredients -... Make lotions soo many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How to get it thicker and more moisturizing qualities – one ounce, to properly label this the... Would olive oil s website s solid state and not Fractionated coconut oil + shea butter hard! Will keep the product will be thick and very creamy luxuruious opinion, the softest butters are mango like... Feels luxurious and downright decadent, butters can be one extra time-intensive step far I 've already some. Or one whisk extra time-intensive step still completely blended soft and oily substitute and use your:. Dye or a few articles online stating the refridgerator is the easy soap recipe free PDF item this make... So don ’ t good for the final product from melting in heat...

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