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Lanark Grammar School

English and Communication

Principal Teacher - Gemma Brooks


Certificated courses are as follows. 

National 3 English and Literacy

National 4 English and Literacy

National 4 Scottish Studies (offered jointly with Humanities)

National 5 Literacy

National 5 English

Higher English

Advanced Higher English


In English, we seek to develop our students' skills in reading, writing, listening and talking.
We do this through:
  • Encouragement of Reading for Enjoyment (with regular library access in S1 and S2)
  • Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation (Close Reading) of non-fiction, increasingly studying high-quality journalism in National 5 and Higher
  • Study of texts from a range of different genres - prose, drama, poetry and media - developing skills in Textual Analysis and Critical Writing 
  • Writing in a range of genres - personal / reflective, imaginative, discursive, leading ultimately to a folio of the students' best writing for presentation at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.
In teaching all of these areas we strive to support students in developing listening, discussion and presentation skills.