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Lanark Grammar School

LGS Values


All members of our community know the importance of passing exams and attaining formal qualifications. We also encourage, promote and recognise the many achievements of our school community members who get involved in a wide range of activities in and out of school. We build confidence, raise aspirations and improve motivation. We celebrate and reward the successes of our members.


We work in partnership with pupils, parents, staff and our local community to support and encourage personal development, achievement and attainment. We promote collaborative working between pupils, parents and staff to support each other in learning and in developing our shared values. We, our school and community partners, ensure that opportunities for success are made available for everyone. Our community is built on friendship, loyalty, honesty and trust.


We aim to be the best we can be by setting ourselves aspirational targets and being determined to reach them. We encourage and support each other in our learning and development, sharing our knowledge and talents. We work hard, always giving our very best. We take responsibility for our own learning and success, asking for support and help when needed. We actively support and encourage the learning and successes of others.


We believe that every day holds endless opportunities to learn and develop ourselves as individuals and as a school community. We look on challenges as positive experiences that help us grow. We celebrate our success and see value and worth in continually improving. We are energetic, excited and prepared to give our best in every situation. We encourage each other to be positive, focussed and determined to succeed.


We are a school that celebrates diversity. A school in which different needs are acknowledged and catered for. Where everyone contributes to the creation of a safe environment in which to learn and work. We are a community in which all members, pupils, parents and staff, are afforded the same opportunities irrespective of difference. Recognising the rights of others, we consider them in all we do. We work in partnership with each other in a supportive and encouraging manner. We care for the welfare of everyone in our school community.


We respect ourselves by caring for ourselves, believing in ourselves and having confidence. By caring for and believing in each other, allowing the other person to be true to themselves and not thinking less of them for it, we respect each other. Looking after our school building, classrooms and resources allows everyone to have a pleasant learning and working environment. Our sense of community is evident beyond our physical school building. Our actions in and around our community will show and encourage respect by being kind, thoughtful and valuing others and their property.