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Lanark Grammar School

Learning for Life

Our Learning and Teaching framework sets out our aspiration for young people to be equipped with the knowledge, skills, attributes and capacities to be successful in their learning and in life.

Across all our curriculum, learning and teaching we seek to promote and develop 21st century skills and attributes including:


Character – having integrity, determination, resilience, self-belief, strong personal identity and aspiration;


Citizenship – having ethical and informed views, participating in community and society, having a knowledge of local, national and global issues;


Communication – being effective in reading, writing, talking and listening for different audiences and purposes, using a range of media;


Collaboration – working with others in teams, valuing and learning from the contribution of others, taking roles and responsibilities and leading activity;


Critical thinking - being able to understand and summarise key ideas, to analyse and interpret, to evaluate, draw conclusions and solve problems; and


Creativity – being imaginative and open to new ideas and different ways of doing things, to be innovative and original and take an enterprising approach.

Skills 4.0

This short, thought-provoking clip shows how society and technology is changing and what this means for young people today in developing skills for the future.