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The School Library

  • Plays a central role in learning and teaching 
  • Helps meet the needs of users 
  • Empowers young people and encourages them to develop into lifelong learners 
  • Supports and contributes to the values of our school community  


Library Facilities  

  • Extensive range of up-to-date fiction and non-fiction stock. The librarian is on hand to offer advice on book selection   
  • 11 networked computers 
  • Working space for private study or class activities 


Borrowing Rules 

  • Pupils can borrow a maximum of 2 books at a time
  • Books are issued for 4 weeks; the loan can be extended for a further 4 weeks if required. 

The library catalogue can be viewed using the following link Library Catalogue 


Opening Times 

The library is open and staffed at the following times 

Monday - Thursday 8.30pm - 4.00pm 


Lunchtime Opening 

The library is open at lunchtimes to borrow or return books, complete homework, read or use ICT. 



Monday & Tuesday – Mrs L Galway 

Wednesday & Thursday – Mrs T Rae  

Click here to access a document highlighting some of the new books in the library. The document includes links to the library catalogue, this allows you to find out more about each of the books. The selection includes books written by contemporary authors that our pupils have enjoyed reading recently.