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Lanark Grammar School

Appeals Service 2023

Appeals 2023 is a free service that students can use if they have concerns about a grade (or grades) on their results certificate. Students can ask the school to do this for them or appeal directly to the SQA..

The service will open on Results Day, Tuesday 8 August at 9am, and the submission deadlines for appeals are:

  • Tuesday 15 August for priority appeals
  • Tuesday 29 August for all other appeals

Your appeal can be prioritised if you have a conditional place at university or college, or in training or employment that depends on your grade.

What is Appeals 2023?

Appeals 2023 has a different process to the one used last year as alternative assessment evidence will not be looked at.

This year, if you appeal your grade, a senior marker will carry out a marking review of your SQA-marked assessments.

This is not a re-mark.

A marking review checks that:

  • all parts of your SQA-assessments have been marked;
  • the marking is in line with national standards;
  • the marks given for each answer have been totalled correctly; and
  • the correct result has been entered on our system.

Please be aware that after being reviewed, your result could stay the same, go up or go down.