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Lanark Grammar School

Prelim Assessment Diet 2024

The Prelim Assessment Diet begins on Monday, 22 January and finishes on Wednesday 31st January. 

Further information will be shared before Christmas regarding the attendance requirement for students not sitting Level 5 (National 5) exams but may still be completing assessments at Level 4 or 3 (National 4 or National 3)

Those sitting 3 or more Level 5 exams will be on study leave and are not expected to attend school except when they have exams. However, during this time supervised study rooms will be available for students who would prefer to study in school. School transport and canteen facilities will be available to senior students as normal. Please note that this will not impact negatively on students overall school attendance record, nor EMA provision. We wish senior students all the best for their exams.


 Prelim Exam Timetable

assessment diet 2024 pupil timetable 1501.pdf

 Study Guide


lgs prelim exam guide pupils updated 1501.pdf