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Lanark Grammar School

Pupil Support

Principal Teachers

Lesley Plenderleith - Braxfield

Lucy Strachan - Clyde

Lisa Adam - Hyndford

Craig Goldie - Jerviswood

Annyse Ewing - Lockhart

Anna Humphries - Wallace


Pupil Support at Lanark Grammar School is a department focused on removing barriers to learning for our young people and families to ensure that each individual has the tools they require to access the whole school curriculum and be successful. There is a central focus on pastoral care, considering the Health & Wellbeing of our students as the main driver for success – if a student feels safe, healthy, active, nurtured, achieving, responsible, respected and included then they will be in the best place to begin their learning. We also consider equity as a current necessity for our young people and families, striving to provide all with the individual tools they require in order to access learning and teaching in our school.


Our Pupil Support Team is formed of 6 ‘Heads of House’ groups and they each are responsible for a full House cohort, incorporating students from S1-S6. The spectrum of issues they handle on a daily basis can range from peer difficulties, to option choices, to more serious


The door to Pupil Support is always open as we seek to support our young people towards success and positive destinations.