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Lanark Grammar School

Senior Leadership Team

Our Senior Leadership Team works with colleagues across the school on day-to-day operations and strategic developments in the delivery of learning, teaching and assessment. We meet weekly on a Tuesday afternoon to cover a standing agenda of operational matters in the school and on a Thursday morning to focus on strategic planning, such as our participation in the current consultation for Education Reform, digital strategy, attainment aims and more. 


Jeff Warden - Head Teacher

Julie Brown - Depute Head Teacher (ASN) 

Yvonne Lindsay - Depute Head Teacher (Pupil Support) 

Gillian Pollock - Depute Head Teacher (SQA) (S5/6)

John Thompson - Depute Head Teacher (Learning & Teaching)  (S4)

Aline Wilson - Depute Head Teacher (Transitions)  (P7 Link & S1)

Nav Munogee- Depute Head Teacher (Equity) (S2) (S3)


In addition to the items below, Depute Head Teachers are line managers to various Principal Teachers across the school and Year Heads as indicated above. For this reason we ask that when making enquiries about your child, communications are first directed to the school office, registration (tutor) teachers, and/or Pupil Support Teachers. They will liaise with DHT's as appropriate. 

Roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following; 

  • SQA Processes
  • Data analysis
  • 16+ (Pathways & Destinations) 
  • Partnership Links
  • Student teacher and Probationer teacher mentoring
  • Pupil Voice
  • Curriculum Development
  • Enhanced Transition
  • Health & Safety
  • Health Care Plans
  • Fundraising
  • Primary School liaison
  • Event organisation
  • Staff training and professional development
  • Staff absence/cover
  • Budget responsibilities
  • Chairing and attending professional/multi-agency meetings
  • Tracking & Monitoring processes
  • Reporting
  • Parent Consultations
  • Timetabling
  • Child Protection
  • Attachment Strategy
  • Systems (ie SEEMIS) Coordination
  • Policy development
  • Facilitate School Improvement Teams
  • Improvement Planning Processes 
  • Digital Strategy
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Equity/Cost of the School Day strategies
  • Data reporting to local authority
  • Raising attainment & achievement initiatives