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[1984] and have a greater. Pigeon pea 2. The main constraints to productivity are discussed and recent breeding efforts in Africa highlighted. PDF. Wilt of chickpea, pigeon pea and lentil. Although it can grow in any warm climate, it is particularly popular throughout tropical regions. The present article describes It forms fairly stable chelates with almost all multivalent cations which are insoluble above pH 6 to 7, although pH, type, and concentration of cation have a tremendous influence on their solubility characteristics. Acetylated starch possessed higher solubility and swelling power than native starch under the temperature regimes considered. Varieties A great diversity of types exists, but in general can be classified as follows: (a) Dwarf types: such as UW 10, UW 17 and UW 26. Nilai koefisien keragaman pada kisaran 13–17%, menunjukkan bahwa keragaman kacang Gude Putih di tiga lokasi tersebut memiliki keanekaragaman yang sempit.

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