The English course includes: close reading of non-fiction texts; study of literary texts (including compulsory Scottish literature at National 5 and 6): drama, poetry, prose and / or film.

Depending on their year group and level of presentation, pupils will be expected to use their skills in reading, writing, listening and talking to an agreed level to demonstrate their competence in literacy. Again, depending on their level of presentation, they will produce a portfolio of writing or an Added Value Unit which will involve independent research, note-taking and writing.

Staff members:

  • Ms G Brooks, Principal Teacher Learning and Teaching
  • Mr D Falconer, Depute Head Teacher
  • Ms L Adam
  • Mr I Carr
  • Mr M Davis
  • Mrs A Ewing, Principal Teacher Pupil Support
  • Ms Y Lindsay, Principal Teacher Pupil Support
  • Mrs H MacKenzie
  • Mrs M McCrindle
  • Mr A Morrison
  • Ms S O’Reilly
  • Ms A Smith