Religious and Moral Education

Supporting Learning at Home


Our N4/5 RMPS and Higher RMPS classes have been using google classroom since the beginning of the academic year.  All pupils have access and all our resources are added for them to use.  I’ve told both classes today that I’ll continue to post what we do in class and they know they can send me anything they want me to mark.  They do this already so there’s no changes for either class.

BGE (S1-S3)

A google classroom has been created for each year group and we are gradually adding resources to these.  Pupils should sign up using the class codes:

New S2 – class code 6pgd3ma

New S3 – class code nmnshql

Religious and Moral Education at LGS

The purpose of Religious and Moral Education is to provide learners with the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of religious, moral and philosophical issues that affect the world today, looking at both religious and non-religious perspectives.

Pupils will be able to:

  • Explore responses to life’s “Big Questions” and moral issues in our society
  • Recognise, understand and appreciate religious diversity
  • Investigate the impact of religion on society
  • Develop respect for others and an understanding and appreciation of beliefs and practices which are different from their own
  • Develop their own moral viewpoints through reflection on different approaches and their own experience and attitudes
  • Establish values such as justice, compassion, tolerance, respect and integrity

Did you know?

Famous graduates of Religious Studies or Philosophy include: Steve Martin (comedy actor), Bill Clinton (former president of the United States of America), Bruce Lee (Kung Fu expert and actor) and Ricky Gervais (comedian, actor and writer).

Studying RME or Philosophy is not just for those considering work as a minister of religion – many graduates go on to careers in social work, politics, the Civil Service and journalism.

Source: University of Reading

Staff members:

  • Mrs P Kerr, Principal Teacher Additional Support Needs
  • Ms L Logan
  • Ms C Wilson