Senior Phase Assessment

Assessment and certification in the Senior Phase (S4-S6) has been affected significantly by the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on education and continuity of learning. The following information and links should assist students and parent/carers to access key school-based and national SQA information.

The S4-S6 Assessment Diet booklet below has key school information on assessment.

The programme of school-based assessment across January and February 2021 requires to reviewed in the light of announcement by the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on 4 January 2021 which included the closure of schools until 1 February 2021. Further information will follow on the assessment arrangements we shall put in place.

SQA has been developing a programme of quality assurance associated with National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher following the Deputy First Minister’s announcement that external examinations would be cancelled at these levels. Qualifications will be awarded on the basis of centre estimates, supported by assessment resources and quality assurance.  

Information from SQA for students and for parent/carers can be found through these links.

Supporting Learners: school Information

The Attainment Concern Process

The Attainment Concern Process enables teachers, at an early stage, to identify and share concerns about a student’s progress and attainment with the Principal Teacher, DHT responsible for the year group and the parent/carer. Appropriate individual strategies and interventions are then discussed and put in place which will best support the student in further progressing in the subject. The Attainment Concern Process is an ongoing part of the review of students’ progress but also features strongly at key points such as Tracking & Monitoring periods.